Monday, May 31, 2010

You need 8 hours, shoes requires 24

"Shoes need about 24 hours to recover after a run. While modern midsoles rebound relatively quickly and the loss of cushioning is extremely slight, if you run one evening and then the next day at noon, for example, your shoes will not give you as much protection as shoes that have had a full day's rest. This is especially true if you're covering 50-plus miles a week or doing multiple runs a day. Because life is complicated enough without having to worry about how long your shoes have had to recover, we suggest rotating in another pair. That way your shoes will always be ready when you are" -- Runner'sWorld, Running Shoe FAQ

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

"National Capital Region refused to be left behind in gold harvesting as it grabbed its first gold medal in the 1500-meter run in the elementary girls through Heidy Espia who posted the best clocking of five minutes and 08.9 seconds" -- Palarong Pambansa, April 1997

On our first time in Ultra, I ran like a girl around the oval and clocked in 2 minutes.  Doing the math, this would mean that I will be behind my sister by more than 400 meters by the time she reaches the finish line

If I'd get myself to this level of performance, I will be able to hit my sub-40 mark

This story will always serve as an inspiration and a challenge for me to become a faster runner and help others achieve their goals as well

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wait for it to kick in

Jake, a running buddy of mine, and I went to SecondWind Ortigas branch to check out some compression garments.  I've been thinking of getting one several weeks ago

This was triggered when I tried to build up my running base in order to prepare for a training program that will enable me to hit a sub20 for a 5km distance.  The pre-training program requires me to run everyday having Monday my only rest day for the whole week.  I started with my Tuesday run and did another the following day.  What happened?  Wasn't able to finish the mileage that I needed to accomplish.  My calves and shins were still sore from my Tuesday's routine

This has prompted me to check out different compression garments as it will help me recover faster from my training programs.  The one that caught my eye is the calf guards and stirrup from 2XU (two times you).  Unfortunately SecondWind didn't have them so I ended up getting a Zensah compression leg sleeves

And Jake, being the competitive person that he is, got himself the 2XU "elite" compression tights.  Which, if I may add, was guided by his horoscope for the day

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My first 1km run

I started running since March and in my 3 months of continuous practice I just find the finish time of the super fast runners simply ridiculous.  Couldn't imagine myself completing a 5km race in 15 minutes or less.  This seems to be a domain reserved to elite athletes only.  Because of this I gave up the idea of beating grown-ups.  I will now focus all of my efforts on beating kids

And possibly rule the (running) world!?!  Just kidding

My nephew and I have registered on a kids run.  We entered ourselves in the 1km category because of age qualification.  We expect great fun out from this event.  The important thing is for the kids to enjoy the most. 

Push the hips and NOT the shoulders

Just finished my 11km endurance run in UP Acad Oval with Jameson, Jen, and Jeff (didn't realized that I was with the J's).  During my run, I tried pushing my hips forward which means keeping my torso straight as well.  Upon doing so, I noticed a difference on my running form

It kept me from over striding.  Where it was more easier for me or rather natural to do a midfoot/forefoot strike

I have been a slouch as far as I could remember.  I've unconsciously adopted this stance as part of my running form.  Because of my relaxed posture, I am literally pushing my shoulders a bit thus I lean forward.  This has always prompted me to overstride whenever I do my speedwork and in effect commit a heel-strike

I will keep on working in making the "push the hips and not the shoulders" a part of my runs and hopefully becomes a natural thing for me.  Hopefully with this newfound running form will make my run routines more fun

(image source: athleta)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Last 5km Run for 2010

"In cooperation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Bayanihang Bayan Legacy Project, we can act and contribute in our own little way to stop the effects of climate change. The Ipo Watershed in Sitio Ipo, Norzagaray, Bulacan has been targeted as 30% of Ipo’s 6,600 hectares is in need of re-forestation. We can help by replanting, and we can be helped by the local “Dumagat” community who live in the Ipo area to replant the forests. One hectare of land can be planted with 1,000 tree seedlings 3 meters apart. We can make a difference now"

My friends and I will be joining this event.  I am a bit sad as it might be my last 5k run for the year.  I really enjoyed this distance as it is short and focus is more on speed.  Originally my goal is to get a sub-20 but my training calendar won't allow me to do so.  Starting next week I'd be preparing for my 10k run which means I'd be hitting 10, 15, and 21k races in order to improve my endurance

I am hoping that I'd be able to beat my PR (personal record) this Sunday.  Two more practice runs left for the week.  And still thinking which routine that I'd do to maximize my training days (or whatever is left of it).  I intend to do another 11km endurance run and a 30 minutes tempo or interval run.  I know it won't probably make much of a difference but I am really hoping that I'd be able to set my personal best to 25 mins (5min/km pace).  I don't want to regret the effort that I will give on my last (hopefully not) 5km run

Keep running and don't forget to smile

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore ... Here I Come

"Thank you for registering for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010!

A RACE ID (below) has been assigned to you for identification purposes. A copy of this Race Confirmation Slip has been emailed to you"

I signed up on the first day of registration.  We've been talking about this event for the last 2 months

This is my first (or second) international run this year.  Still thinking if I'd join the Camsur Marathon this September.  I am so excited
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