Thursday, May 27, 2010

Push the hips and NOT the shoulders

Just finished my 11km endurance run in UP Acad Oval with Jameson, Jen, and Jeff (didn't realized that I was with the J's).  During my run, I tried pushing my hips forward which means keeping my torso straight as well.  Upon doing so, I noticed a difference on my running form

It kept me from over striding.  Where it was more easier for me or rather natural to do a midfoot/forefoot strike

I have been a slouch as far as I could remember.  I've unconsciously adopted this stance as part of my running form.  Because of my relaxed posture, I am literally pushing my shoulders a bit thus I lean forward.  This has always prompted me to overstride whenever I do my speedwork and in effect commit a heel-strike

I will keep on working in making the "push the hips and not the shoulders" a part of my runs and hopefully becomes a natural thing for me.  Hopefully with this newfound running form will make my run routines more fun

(image source: athleta)


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