Friday, May 28, 2010

Wait for it to kick in

Jake, a running buddy of mine, and I went to SecondWind Ortigas branch to check out some compression garments.  I've been thinking of getting one several weeks ago

This was triggered when I tried to build up my running base in order to prepare for a training program that will enable me to hit a sub20 for a 5km distance.  The pre-training program requires me to run everyday having Monday my only rest day for the whole week.  I started with my Tuesday run and did another the following day.  What happened?  Wasn't able to finish the mileage that I needed to accomplish.  My calves and shins were still sore from my Tuesday's routine

This has prompted me to check out different compression garments as it will help me recover faster from my training programs.  The one that caught my eye is the calf guards and stirrup from 2XU (two times you).  Unfortunately SecondWind didn't have them so I ended up getting a Zensah compression leg sleeves

And Jake, being the competitive person that he is, got himself the 2XU "elite" compression tights.  Which, if I may add, was guided by his horoscope for the day


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