Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The start of my 10k journey - The Bottle School Run 06.13.10

Woke up at 3am.  Still wanted to get some zzzzz.  Wasn't able to get my continuous 6 hours of sleep
Forced myself to get off the bed so I can get my mildly hot shower to warm up my body (remember not to stay too long cause you'll end up feeling too relaxed and drained)  It serves as my wake-up call while getting the circulation going.

Next in my list was to get my stomach filled with the usual pre-race meal before 4am which is composed of a hot cup of Milo, granola bar (I like Nature Valley's trail mix), and a banana.  I don't want to eat with my usual breakfast serving, the reason for this is to avoid acid reflux.  I had experienced this during my Globe Run and learned from it.  Too much is bad

To make things more efficient on that morning, the night before I already prepared my drifit shirt and running shorts.  At the same time, pinned my race bib.  Good thing i had an extra set of safety pins from another run.  This is because inside the race kit, I only found a piece of brass safety pin and I needed four

Filled up my water bottle and grabbed my favorite sports drink.  As Coach Ige taught us, you'd only need a sports drink if your activity will last for an hour.  Don't fall into the marketing trap.  At this time I was now ready to head out the door and hit the road

I came in around 5am.  Still had 30 minutes before the 'gun' time.  A handful of runners showed up.  I also saw several elite athletes.  Coach Rio was there to join the event.  As well as Miriam Quiambao who was getting ready for the 10k race route

I was still doing some dynamic stretching, then the emcee suddenly uttered "Ready, Set, Go!"  Good thing I had my heart rate monitor chest sensor belt on and I just had to press the START button of my watch.  The night before I reviewed the race map and used mapmyrun to familiarize myself with the route and where each kilometer marker will be.

While running at 32nd Street, I was waiting for the 1KM marker.  I already turned left in Rizal Drive and no marker was present.  This got me scared because I don't want to experience the mental wall that I had to hurdle during my Mizuno Run.  Because it is so difficult to properly pace and distribute your energy if you do not have the slightest idea where you are overall in the race

I was nearing the 26th Street and before all hope was lost, I saw the 2KM marker and the sight of a hydration station.  First thing I noticed, there's no water in there.  Everything was Gatorade.  And it was being served in paper cups.  A nice touch in saving Mother Earth.  How refreshing!  A quick glance at my watch, in the first 2 kilometers I was doing a 6'8"/km

The next 2 kilometers was traversing from 5th Avenue to Lawton Ave and getting inside McKinley Hill/Upper McKinley Road.  It was my second time in McKinley but never realized the route inside was a combination of steep uphill and downhill.  Had to grab a cup of Gatorade here to keep myself hydrated.  The whole ordeal registered a 7'5"/km

Coach Rio's magic.  As I passed the 4KM mark, I saw Coach Rio on his way back and he took the time waving and giving the thumbs up so as to encourage the other runners.  Not sure if it was my second wind or Rio but I surprisingly did a 4'56"/km between 4KM and 6KM

I chanced upon some strong runners and tried to keep up pace with them while climbing out of McKinley.  That part took a lot of my energy that when I was back in 5th Avenue, I knew right then that I was back at my regular pace.  My 6KM to 8KM pace was at 6'46"/km

Just passed the 8KM mark, grabbed another cup at the water station and had to walk while I consume the sports drink.  While walking, another racer told me "kaunti na lang" which I responded "oo nga eh".  At this time, I went back running again and tried to catch up with him.  After that, I looked out and saw another runner and tried increasing my pace to reach my target runner.  I was doing this in the whole stretch of 32nd Street and 11th Avenue.  Got so tired that I was just cruising along 30th Street and 7th Avenue at my own pace

The final leg was at 28th Street when I already saw the finish line arc.  In the last 100 meters, I sprinted with all the strength that was left and completed the last 2 kilometers doing a 6'45"/km

I finished my 10k race in 64 minutes. Still far from my sub-40 minutes goal. But I was able to shave 13 minutes from my PR time. I still have 3 weeks to train before my next 10k race. Carlo and I need to do a sub-55, that's 10 minutes less from my current PR


tomhackz said...

dude, di ka dumaan sa sunbelt office sa one world square kaso nicoconstruct pa lang, hehehe.. may takbuhan din sa ortigas center sa june 27, daan ka sa sunbelt office sa tektite.. hehe

Daves said...

dude, hindi na ako tumuloy sa ortigas run. driver at photographer ako dun sa team women run. sa mckinley hill ulit ung venue. kapag nakalipat na kayo, daan ako. hehehe

deemenrunner said...

wow, 4:56 per km! galing nun! pero sobrang hirap nga i-maintain. nice blog!

Daves said...

hi noel, ive seen your PRs. you're a strong runner. 4'56" should be peanuts for you, hahaha! hope i can meet you personally and get some tips

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