Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to eat before a race

I kept bugging my running buddies on what are the food that I can eat the day before and a few hours before my very first 5k race.  I also relied on looking up for references and forums that can help me with this question.  It is suggested to eat up that is high in carbohydrates and low in fat, fiber and protein.  It was even advised not to take up caffeine as it can cause some stomach issues

Interestingly other racers eat up whatever works for them.  Some even doesn't eat.  While some are quite ok with just sipping their favorite coffee. 

I carbo-load a day before my race.  Normally I'd eat up some pasta, I just remembered the one that I ate from Tokyo Cafe *yum*, or have some rice meals the night before.  Now on the race day, I'd make sure that I eat some light meal 2-3 hours before the gun start.  It has been a habit of mine to wake up 3am and have some food before 4am.  My usual food would be composed of a glass of Milo, granola bar, and a banana.  Sometimes I'd grab some bread and whip up my favorite peanut butter

Important thing is - do not eat anything new


Anonymous said...

tis a good thing you also came up with this article, Daves.

when i was already in the 5th of my 9 races thus far, ive asked around my PF running buddies what they eat on race day? several advices were generated on what best works for them. may likewise apply to myself too.

very similar to what you do Daves is 2-4 hrs before gunstart, i take in banana, energy bar and an energy drink. at least an hour before run, i take small sips of water. and what could be an amazing discovery of mine was that during the Integrity Run last May 29, it was the 1st time i didnt have any hydration break for my 5K run and yet i crossed the Finish Line 5mins lower than my previous PR! woohoo!

looking forward to a similar if not better run and psyching up during the Mizuno Infinity!
see ya there, Daves!


Daves said...

Ms_Mars, see you tomorrow and good luck! :)

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