Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who said that running easy was supposed to be easy?

Based on my training menu, I've set my Sundays as my endurance/recovery runs.  It is where I do long distances to build up my endurance in preparation for my upcoming 10k events.  When my sub-40 training program starts, my long runs will vary from 12 to 24 kilometers

Last Sunday, I felt that I was doing my long runs a bit faster than I originally wanted.  My intention was to hit a pace of 7'42"/km but I was nailing it at 7'16"/km.  I know its not much but if you are gunning for 11 kilometers in a day, overall I was 4 minutes and 45 seconds faster.  Also my heart rate was jumping between zone4 and zone5 throughout the run

Now why a weekly endurance run is important?   You grow your capillaries that will allow more oxygen to be delivered to your working muscles that means the better your performance will be.  It also strengthens your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Which makes you more capable to conduct better race-specific training like intervals

Why run long for a short distance?  It teaches our body to be efficient.  It grooms the body into running as effortlessly as possible.  But do not go out for a 3- to 4-hour run.  You'd still want to finish your endurance run thinking that you can still do more.  A good base would be from 90-minutes to a full 2 hours.  When you push for longer running hours it affects the quality of your speedwork

My race pace goal is 4 minutes per km which means my long runs should swing from 4'36"/km to 5'24"/km.  I know there is still a gap from my current 7'16"/km but that is one gap I will attempt to remove


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