Thursday, July 15, 2010

Avoid heat-related illnesses when running

What does Milo Marathon and heatstroke have in common?  A runner named Remus.  I picked up the story when I was looking for the race results of the recently concluded Milo Marathon in Pinoy Fitness.  Here's an open letter from Remus' father in MenardConnect

Learning about the incident got me really scared.  Especially when I am about to run my 1st 21km race this August.  I thought that I only need to prevent/avoid running-related injuries, little did I know that there are heat-related illnesses, such as heatstroke, that I should be aware of
Here are some tips on how we can lessen such risk:
1 Drink. Before. During. After.  This is what I follow (if possible): drink 16-24 ounces (470-700ml) of water an hour before, drink 4-8 ounces (110-230ml) minutes before, drink 6-8 ounces (180-230ml) every 20 minutes, then I drink at least 700ml-1li of water after running
Do you need a sports drink?  If you intend to run for more than 90 minutes else plain water will suffice. 
2 Shirt.  I go with drifit and climacool.  Stay away from cotton.  Choose light-colored ones.  Remember what they taught us in science during grade school?  Dark colors tends to absorb the sun's light and heat
3 Listen.  Your body will send signals to you.  If you are after beating a PR, don't push yourself if your body is already telling you to stop.  Even elite athletes know when to drop out on a race
4 Squeeze.  I remember Globe fun run having a sponge so you can squeeze some water on your head and body.  If the race you joined doesn't have one, you can always splash some water using the cup or bottle provided.  It will really help your body to cool down

We only have 1 life.  There are tons of races.  Train well.  And always listen to your body

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Menard said...

Thanks for the link dude! The Remus story is really sad. Thanks for the tips, it will be helpful in other activities too.

Daves said...

Your welcome! It is indeed sad. Also learned that there's another incident happened in the Energizer Night Run (Cebu). A 19-yr old student had a hypoxia after his 10k run (lack of oxygen in the brain)

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