Friday, July 16, 2010

Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2010

Fifty five minutes.  That's the number of minutes my buddy and I wanted to finish our 10k run.  Either we keep a 5'30"/km pace throughout the race or do a 10-mins run + 1-min walk with a pace of 5'/km.  I knew that my speedwork sessions will be key in order to meet our expectations.  However two weeks prior the race I wasn't able to do my scheduled practice runs.  This got me a bit worried.  How will I be able to shave 9 minutes from my current PR (1 hr 4 minutes)?  Carlo and I settled that we will just go with a sub-hour instead of pushing ourselves hard and crossing the finish line cross-eyed
Met up with my buddy around 5:30 at the starting line.  A handful of runners were lined up already and getting ready for the gun start.  We walked our way up to the starting line so we can set our intended pace and won't be slowed down by the other runners in the first 500 meters.  We eagerly waited for the emcee for the countdown.  At 5:47, the race begun
In the first 2km, Carlo and I was able to maintain a pace of 5'27"/km.  The slight uphill going to the 3rd kilometer did have an effect on us and we were able to hit it in 5 minutes 44 seconds.  We maintained the same pace until we reach the 4th kilometer (5 minutes 45 seconds).  At this time we were quite optimistic that we can finish our run in 60 minutes

We fetched some bottled water at the hydration station and walked for at least a minute.  Doing so, ate some of our time and not to mention that we needed to climb up the Buendia flyover.  We managed to complete the 5th kilometer in 6 minutes and 35 seconds.  I said it is still not bad.  We can still make up for the lost time since we still had 31 minutes more to complete the remaining 5 kilometers of the race

Side stitch.  It became unbearable to run when we couldn't make our side stitch away.  We found ourselves walking again in the middle of Buendia flyover.  After a minute or so we decided to continue running until the 10k U-turn.  Grabbed some water and walked again until the 7th km.  Completing the next 2 kilometers in 11 minutes and 17 seconds

The 7th km marker was found at the foot of the flyover, Carlo and I decided to run up but my heart gave in first.  As we reached the top, I had to stop so I can lower down my heart beat and catch my breath again.  Walked for another 2 minutes and after that we ran again.  However side stitch was still haunting Carlo and he asked me to go ahead and he'll just catch up

I was waiting for the 8th km mark but none was found.  Since I didn't knew how fast I was going I decided to stop running.  I needed to properly pace myself else I might ran out of gas and unable to finish the race.  Eventually Carlo caught up

Roughly in the 8th kilometer, we thought of running the remaining distance 'til the finish line.  Just before we hit 26th St, we saw the 9km marker and the last water station.  At this time, I was very tired and exhausted.  I blame it for not having enough mileage for my practice runs. I stopped running and started walking.  When we crossed 5th Ave, we ran again but my heart beat shoot up to 99% of my max heart rate.  I had difficulty breathing and my arms weren't swinging properly.  I knew then that I was already spent.  We had to stop again fearing that I might lose consciousness if I'd still continue

We walked along 26th St and aware that we won't be able to keep our sub-hour goal.  Instead we just aimed to beat my 10k PR.  Upon turning left in 11th Ave, we resumed running with whatever reserves that remains in me.  I haven't fully recovered yet but with the remaining 300 meters in the race, we gave it a go for one last time.  Wanted to sprint my way in the remaining 5 meters but my body just couldn't do it

We finished the race in 1hr 2mins and 49 seconds.  Just a minute shy away from my PR.  Cool!  And more importantly, we finished strong and with smile on our faces

At the finish line you go directly to a chute where the loot bag (read: grocery bag) was being given away
We stayed for awhile and checked out the booths in the wellness area.  A lot of stuff was being given away - Gatorade, Ensure, taho, Gardenia, cheese, Enervon Prime, etc.  We didn't bother to line up in the photo booth as the line was just too long, the sun was up and it was getting hot already

The race organizers, extribe, did a wonderful job in keeping the race fun and organized. Also the road marshall were cheering the runners giving the boost we needed in order to keep us motivated
'Til the next buddy run


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