Monday, July 12, 2010

Paint The Town Pink - Team Women Run 2010 by Lactacyd

The Team Women Run is an all-women race event.  One can either join the 5k individual run or create a team of three or four, and join the team relay.  The relay is a 21km, 3-4 member run through the high-end communities (residential, office, commercial, school) of McKinley Hill.  The Packing Team registered for the 21k relay.  The first runner (Angel) will cover 10km then the second runner (Oden) will be in charge of the 5k distance, and the third (Tin) and fourth (Jo) runners will run 3km each

We came in 10 minutes before 5am and there was a long queue in the parking lot.  I said to myself "there seems to be a lot of runners today".  I remembered the Neutrogena Run where I initially thought that it was an all-women event.  I guess because of that, there was a low turn-out of runners (about 2000) despite the marketing and exposure made

A few minutes past 5am, the 10k runners had their gun start.  While waiting for the 5k individual runners for their gun start, we saw Iza Calzado (3k on relay) and grabbed the chance to get a picture of her with the team
Fifteen minutes later, the individual 5k runners were set off.  The remaining team members were now asked to go to the transition area and wait up for their team mate to arrive.  Being the team's appointed photographer, I've thought of going to the 9.5km mark and wait for Angel to arrive and snap some pics

It was 45 minutes after the gun start when I arrived in the parking lot where the 9.5km mark was. I saw a handful of runners already.  This made me think.  I soon realized that there were a lot of strong runners, i mean really strong, that showed up.  I saw school varsities, elite runners, and triathletes.  Imagine this, you see a runner still sprinting their way back to the finish line.  They already covered 9.5km and still running at full speed?  I checked my watch again and calculated their gun time based on their pace.  It was an easy sub-50 (minutes). Whoah!  And remembered I was already struggling on my last kilometer and was able to complete my 10k in 64 minutes.   

I waited for another 10 minutes.  I already saw "Darna" but Angel was still nowhere to be found.  Then I thought I should go back to the transition area.  Perhaps she passed by already.  I went back to Park Ave where the transition area was
Surprised that Oden was still there and waiting for her turn to run.  A few minutes more then Angel arrived.  She passed on the plastic loops to Oden.  Oden started with a good pace for her 5km run

While waiting for her to come back, we noticed that some of the teams were now waiting for their 3rd runner to complete the 3k distance.  I felt the competitiveness of the other groups.  It was so competitive that some male elite runners were serving as pacers in order to yield a better time.  I also overheard from an elite runner that one of Iza's team mate is a varsity.  It really felt a different world.  There was a different sense of aura from the usual run that I go to.  I remembered Jo telling us "hindi na ito fun run".  She was definitely right especially with the P70,000 (cash), a P12,000 gift certificate from Everlast and a 3D2N stay in Boracay at stake

We also kid that Oden should come back after 15 minutes because she was wearing a shirt that says "CoreTech can do it in 15 minutes"
I believe it was around 35 minutes when she arrived then Tin was up for her 3km run.  She wanted to finish her run in 10 minutes
But, same with others, it was a bit difficult to accomplish because of the hilly, not to mention steep, parts of the route.  I guess t'was the reason the place was called McKinley Hill.  When we saw Tin approaching the transition area, Jo now positioned herself and getting ready to grab the plastic loops.  During this time, there were only 2-3 teams left waiting for their last member to set off
As we were advised, we headed to the finish line and wait for Jo to arrive.  While on our way, we bumped into Coach Rio and asked to have our pictures taken with him.  He happily obliged.  Each of us got a picture with him.  Even asked Angel "nag-enjoy ba kayo?".  Speaking of Coach Rio, he was very hands-on.  Before the gun start of the 10k runners, he was in front making sure that everything was set and ready.  We also saw him in the transition area, helping the runners by running after them whenever a plastic loop was dropped.  Roaming around the event area with his brand new Vespa

As Jo now approaches the finish line, Angel, Tin, and Oden went up to her so that the team can cross the finish line together.  Now there's the true spirit of a team
Everyone had fun despite the scorching heat given off by the sun.  This was one of the organized events that we've joined.  We will be looking forward for a 2nd Team Women Run next year

Congratulations to everyone


Angelica said...

i was suprised, despite of struggle in the route. i'm able to beat my PR in 10KM from 1.24 mins to 1.13 mins :)

we had much fun.. till next teamwomen run! aiming for boracay package :))

we havent paid the breakfast yet!

Daves said...

yep! lets aim for the boracay package ^_^

kwyjibo said...

dude, yung team ng pinsan ko na si Nhea-Ann Barcena ang naka-bag nung prize.. Sa Milo 34th marathon naman, 1st sya sa 21k female category at 3rd naman yung kapatid ko (Adjennie Rose de los Santos). Tama ka, career na yang pagtakbo. Makikita mo sa mga results na sila sila nananalo.

Daves said...

dude, ang lakas ng pinsan at kapatid mo. sana bumilis din ako tulad nila. kelangan ko na din atang career-in eh para makatulong sa monthly expenses. hehehe

tinjie said...

This is my first official run since elementary and I enjoyed it :)

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