Monday, July 26, 2010

Prevent looking like a newbie

In my first race, I was more concerned about what and what not to eat the day before and on the actual race day. Never knew that there were rules (both written and unwritten) when running road races. Which is why veteran runners that I know find it annoying about the inconsiderate behaviors from new runners. 

I'm no veteran.  But as I continue to join road races, I developed a pet peeve with other participants that walk and block the road.  Here are some guidelines that we can follow:

1   Know your pace.  If you are not sure how fast you can run better stick in the middle of the crowd or at the back of the pack.  Faster or elite runners normally line up at the front of the starting line.  I remember during my NatGeo run, that in my first 300 meters I had to weave around slower runners.  I know that it is a fun run but understand that there are other racers who run competitively or who aims to break their current PB (personal best)
2 Don't hoardthe road.  If you are running/walking with your friends, do not block the whole road.  Do not run side by side with more than 2 runners.  This will allow other faster runners to overtake.  It is really annoying when you have to break your pace because a bunch of slower runners are in front and blocking the way
3 Loose the change.  Do not carry coins or keys in your pocket.  It doesn't only ruins your rhythm but other participants as well
4 Don't suddenly stop.  Be careful at the water stations as it can be crowded at times.  Once you see a hydration station, start to slow down and as you nearing the tables you may walk or jog.  Grab a bottle or cup then continue walking.  You'd want other runners to be able to get water as well
5 Move along people.  Once you've reached the finish line don't just stop.  We do not want to congest the finish line.  There will be runners coming from behind unless you are the last runner
So on your next race, remember these etiquettes and have a fun and safe run


tinjie said...

In my first race, I was more concerned about what and what not to eat the day before and on the actual race day - ako din hehe...

Nice blog now i know... para d naman ako nkkairita sa ibang runners hehe

Daves said...

i remembered a runner who had his car keys in his pocket. it made an irritating noise every time he steps. i had a hard time concentrating on my run

hope runners will be more sensitive to other race participants :)

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