Friday, August 27, 2010

Long run on Sundays (LSD)

My weekly program requires a long run every Sundays, at least 15km.  Same goes with my running buddy Jake as he is preparing for his marathon run this December

So instead of the usual route in UP we decided to take on Taguig.  At least a change in scenery, if there's any, and difficulty in terms of the road elevation.  I indulged on changing our venue because I have a personal grudge against Bayani Road.  I want to conquer its hilly parts.  This will also prepare me for another 16k race scheduled on September 12, as I intend to set a new PR

The route starts/ends in BHS/ROX and we traverse through 5th Ave/Lawton.  We will cover both McKinley and Bayani Rd.  The pace will be set at 7 minutes per kilometer with scheduled breaks/walk of 1 minute every 3 kilometers.  If you are interested to join, just give me a buzz.  We run at 5am


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