Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adidas End of Season Sale. Like a blockbuster movie

Yesterday, Jeff and I talked about going a bit early to the Adidas' head office.  That its better to head out as soon as we can so that we'll have a lot more of items to choose from.  Little did we know that tons of people had the same idea as ours.  Or should I say we were too naive.  And immediately realized that there are other tenants in the building who are after the huge discount as well.  As soon as we arrived, this is the first thing that we saw.  A very long line.  Outside the building.

A few minutes later, an Adidas personnel came out and gave us a numbered ticket stub.  This is to have some order in the chaos.  We were advised to come back by 2PM, that there were many people lining up in their office.  We were also told that some people came in as early as 7AM.  Wow!  They must've learned their lessons last year.  And for us, we are learning them just now

Good thing, Jeff got invited as a media partner.  Because of this, we managed to get in earlier than expected.  T'was funny when the all of the passengers in the elevator were getting off at the 38/f.  A few seconds more and we arrived at our destination.  This is the scene that we saw when we got there.  Please forgive the poor quality.  At least this gives you an idea how crowded it was this morning

Everyone was rummaging everything, and I mean everything, their hands can get on. The shirts, jackets, jeans, shoes, and jogging pants were all over the place.  And some were even on the floor.  It was a bit messy already.  Reminiscent of ukay-ukay.  It was like when my mom and I used to travel all the way to divisoria in order to get the stuff we need for a bargain.  This was far from what we've imagined.  I'd have to say, it was a bit chaotic

I guess choosing what you wanted even made it more difficult because of the mess.  You really have to sift through every piece of article there.  Which in effect, took the buyers more time that they intended to.

In the first 5 minutes we got in, a lady shouted that we only have 30 minutes left to shop, pay at the cashier, and get out of there.  This is to give chance to the other people waiting in line.  This probably triggered a frenzy among the buyers and me as well.  Before I knew it, I was grabbing every item that I think looks good then decide later which one to take home.  After awhile, I was holding on to a pair of jeans, and two jackets.  Where I decided to ditch them all because they were too pricey to begin with even with the huge discount

This is what I got before our limited time ran out.  They took 50% off from its regular price

If Adidas will have another sale by next year, will make sure that we will be at their doorsteps by 9am


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