Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adidas King of the Road 2010

Registration starts tomorrow!  Besides the 70% price hike, what can we expect?

When you part with your P850, you'll get a black singlet.  And to be honest, I can't really tell what's the difference between and Men's and Women's singlet.  Can you spot the difference?  Then there's this reflective strap/slap that I have totally no idea what it looks like

You have the option to choose among three distances: 5k, 10k, and 21k

You may now be asking, "Where can I register?"
Visit any of these participating Adidas stores -- Trinoma, Greenbelt, Rockwell, Gateway, Glorietta, Shangri-la, Eastwood, Newport City, Alabang Town Center, and Ayala Center Cebu. You may also drop by at RUNNR (BHS) and RUNNR Cebu

Now, here's the $2M question.  Is there a finisher's medal?
Sometime in July, we were told that there will be medals to ALL runners

Then the people of Adidas retracted their statement saying that ONLY 21k finishers will get a medal

Are you disappointed?  Don't be.  Last year, they also promised the public that there will be finisher's medal as well.  But none was given.  So expect the unexpected.

Adidas wants to "turn the roads to Black on October 24 and experience a race like never before".  I do hope that it will not be their faces that will turn black.  And blue.  And red.  Adidas better deliver as the expectations are quite high

So what are you waiting for?  Go download and fill up the registration form, and head out.
See you on the road!


RunningAtom said...

Won't be running on this race. I'll be in Baguio for a race/training session as my preparation for Leg 3.

Daves said...

you probably wouldn't miss anything. i'd be really surprised if the event turns out great. good luck on your preparation alfred. see you in leg 3

Keo-Hime said...

I sure hope they would be giving discounts for shoes in the benefit for those who will be joining the "Adidas King of the road 2010"...

Atleast, through this discounts, customers will be encourage and there is an opportunity that their efforts and what they had paid during the registration can comeback atleast for 5-10% for shoes discounts/and other adidas merchandises that can help in running (micoach). atleast, the customers, will be very motivated to join more, for they have their running gears.

Daves said...

hey there carol. i hope so too. but i didn't notice if there was any discount coupon in the race kit. sigh. hope they have something for us on race day. see you there and good luck on your run :)

the traveller said...

not only did the Adidas KOTR 2010 organizers failed with the medals, they also failed with the promise of a BUFFET Breakfast, uploading of pics and posting of's been a week now and lots of runners are complaining yet the organizers said, magpapahinga muna kami kasi undas....MAJOR MAJOR FAIL!!!

Daves said...

i definitely agree with you john especially from such a huge event. they have so many shortcomings especially the basic ones. what even made it worse are the people managing the fb page of adidas philippines. very rude and no sense of customer service, if you ask me

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