Saturday, September 4, 2010

Found a New Balance RC130X on Sale

Last Sunday, after attending a mass, I went to Megatrade Hall to take a peek.  There was a shoes and bags sale at the time.  I've no intention of buying anything but simply to tempt myself.  And hopefully control the strong urge wherein most of the time, I'd give in

Found myself browsing the shelves one by one.  Looking for a steal.  Unfortunately there was nothing that I fancied.  Or so I thought.  Until I bumped in to the display rack of New Balance.  Like a glimmer of hope on a losing battle, there she was shining so brightly -- RC130X.  Totally, totally unexpected!

For a minute or two, I felt like a child who has found his lost marble.  It was ecstasy.  I immediately picked it up the moment I saw it and held on to like the next person besides me was snatch it away from my hands.  Who would have thought that one of the best racing flats that New Balance ever made was to be found on sale.  I quickly checked out the price.  P2,300.  Now this is a steal, I said to myself.  I asked if there were sizes available, and got a positive response.  This just made my day even better

Originally I was set to visit the new Asics store in Greenbelt 3.  Was looking forward to see if they've got racing flats as well.  But with this find, who cares.

You may now be scratching your head, what's a racing flat?  I picked up the following at Wikipedia

"are lightweight athletic shoes designed for long distance track and field, cross country, and most often, road races. They differ from normal training shoes mainly by the lack of a substantial heel (hence the name). They are also a great deal less durable and typically last half to a quarter of the distance of a normal training shoe (125–250 miles or 200-400 kilometers). The removal of the heel in racing flats has 4 principal effects: weight reduction, better foot to ground power transfer, providing less support and giving less cushioning. These features allow a runner to race more efficiently"

"One benefit of racing flats is evident in their weight. Most weigh less than 9 oz., thus making it easier for a runner to run a long distance race without being weighed down. If one trains in heavier, cushioned shoes, the change to lightweight racing flats give the sensation of the runner's legs being almost weightless. During the course of several miles, that feeling benefits the runner both physically and mentally"

This particular model is very, very light.  Weighing only 124 grams (4.37 oz).  To give you an idea on how light (or heavy) this is, my Nokia E63 tips the scale at 126 grams (4.44 oz)

What happened?  Where is it?  Am I wearing it already? 

Here's the rest of the story.  I tried out their size 10 and it fit like a glove.  It was perfect.  Unfortunately I needed a bigger size, at least a half-inch bigger.  Since I am going to use it for my practice runs and races it is best that I keep some space for my toes to move.  So I asked for a size 10.5 or 11.  He shook his head.  I ended up empty handed *sob*


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