Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Last Last 5km Run. Avon Walk & Run

We'd usually hear or say last na ito (this would be the last) on stuff that we promised to let go or do something for the last time.  But then, we would find ourselves doing it again thus saying last na last na talaga (it would be the last, i promise)

Nature Valley was supposedly my last 5km for the year.  Back then, It was a sad moment since 5km was my favorite distance.  I had to give it up.  This was to prepare for my 10k run scheduled at the end of the year.  I needed to cover enough mileage by hitting longer distances

Never really imagined that after four months, I'd be running another 5k race.  Can't say that I'm excited.  Perhaps, a bit scared.  Avon's Walk & Run is set at MOA.  I know what you're thinking, the area is flat.  This place, apart from Quirino, is always good to set a new PR

And that is what I am afraid of

I am expecting to cross the finish line in less than 25 minutes.  But from my last tempo run, I can attain the pace that I need but I still do not have enough heart and lung power to sustain for the whole distance.  For now, I'll continue my regular running sessions every week and let's see how far I've come


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