Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Balance Minimus. The ROAD after the TRAIL

There was a marketing video that came out in YouTube.  It teaches proper running form similar to Chi and Pose.  What made the video more interesting was not the topic being discussed but the shoes the person was wearing.  It belonged to the New Balanace Minimus collection

You've now seen the Minimus Trail.  Now, get ready for Minimus Road

Here's a design rendering
And here's the actual shoe

My thoughts?   It feels light and form-fitting.  There's still some heel lift and doesn't look flat however it is lower than the regular running shoes that we are aware of.  I hope that that toe-heel difference is the same as the racing flats we see in the market.  For me, I find the Minimus Trail to be better looking.  In addition, the blue and green combination is better than the ones in the video.  The white and blue looks lame to me

Now we know what Trail and Road looks like.  I wish the Minimus Wellness will be as good looking as the first two.  It will be best if they can make it as mean-looking as possible

'Til now I am still drooling over the Trail version.  Move aside ROAD, I want TRAIL ... NOW!
(image: hark events)


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