Friday, October 15, 2010

Running Barefoot? Try Vibram Five Fingers

Some say its ugly.  Some say its weird.  Some says its hideous.  Some says its too expensive.  But if you want to run barefoot in Manila, this is the way to go.  There are just too many things going on on our road that you'd need to be careful on where you are running into

Vibram Five Fingers offers a bunch of products to choose from.  And they are kind enough to let us know which type is for what kind of sport

From these, I guess its pretty obvious which one to get especially if you are into barefoot running.  I won't be discussing and making a point why this one is better over the other.  So let's get straight to the core.  If you are into barefoot running, go with either Bikila or Speed.  Period.

If you want these babies, go and visit PowerPlant Mall.  They have a store there.  Its hard to miss.  During their media launch (at Metropolitan Club), they mentioned that they will open two more branches before the end of the year.  One would be in Trinoma and another in SM.  But they didn't told us which one.  I suspect that it will be in Megamall

Their product line has both men's and women's styles.  You may refer to the graph below for proper sizing
Or simply drop by at their store and get measured thru their "big red foot", a VFF-specific shoe sizing tool

If you are thinking that you can get 'em cheaper in Singapore.  Think again.   Barefootwear Inc sells them at a lower price

Do I own a pair?  No.  Why?  Because running barefoot is all about ground feel.  In my opinion, Bikila and Speed doesn't deliver.  The sole is too thick for me.  The only thing it provides is the ZERO drop of heel and toe.  I suspect the reason why it has thicker soles (compared to its predecessor) is for it to last a bit longer especially if you are going to use them in competitive runs

Or unless Mr Carlos Abad (The Big Toe) would be so kind enough to throw me a pair for FREE.  I'd proudly wear them.  I love VFF MOC *wink*

Right now I am looking forward to the 2011 collection (Speed LS, Komodo Sport, Jaya LR, KSO for Boys, and KSO for Girls)

Final words.  Boys and girls, don't get the wrong idea here.  I did not tell you that if you want to run barefoot, you go and buy a pair of VFF.  Nope.  It doesn't work that way

It's not because you run in them, that you can already proclaim you are a barefoot runner.  Huge mistake.  Run and walk barefoot FIRST so that your form and foot strike change.  Then wear a VFF to be able to run in the streets safely


Melyssa said...

I love my KSO's, but also run barefoot around my neighborhood.

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