Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Terra Plana. Vivo Barefoot. Evo. VFF Alternative

You find VFF a bit weird?  You don't want to have gorilla feet on steroids?  Hate the awkward stare?  Looking for a pair of shoes suitable for barefoot running?  EVO might be the one for you

I'd have to be honest.  I like these better than Five Fingers.  With these, I can still wear my current socks.  While in VFF, I'd have to buy some toe socks (Injinji).  Also, I don't have to worry being stared at while wearing one.  Its kinda like wearing your regular shoes while having the benefits of barefoot running.  Nothing's cooler than that

Like I said, its all about ground feel.  There should be very minimal material putting your feet away from the ground.  A regular running shoe will usually give you at least 30mm of cushioning.  Racing flats is somewhere between 10-14mm

Now let's see what VFF offers.  Bikila offers 7mm of numbness, Speed gives 6mm, and KSO is at 5.5mm.  Quite impressive right?  Its there but not quite, in my opinion.  The EVO line delivers 4mm of puncture resistant sole.  Now, that's something!  And that is, ladies and gentlemen, the number one reason why I prefer Terra Plana over Vibram

Now ask yourselves, how can you feel the earth if there's as much as 7mm of footbed and rubber outsole interfering with your senses?  Am I a purist?  Is 7mm not thin enough?  Not for me.  In my minimalist shoe, my feet is only 2mm away from the pavement

If you are in Manila, you can grab a pair at Barefoot Store in MOA or at The Brick in McKinley.  Try it.  You might end up owning one


jamie said...

Glad you like the Evos!
Particularly like the comment:
"Its kinda like wearing your regular shoes while having the benefits of barefoot running. Nothing's cooler than that"
We've got some new and exciting products on the way.
Jamie @ Terra Plana

Daves said...

hey there! hope everything is well on your end. looking forward to the new products to arrive on our shore. can't wait

thanks for dropping by jamie

jamie said...

Here's some more info on what we've been working on:
Keep it up Daves,
Jamie @ Terra Plana

Melyssa said...

In the future I hope to to acquire other minimalist shoes since my KSO's are not very office friendly. Right now my Airwalks will have to do.

Daves said...

hi! if you want an office footwear that offers good ground feedback, terra plana has the vivobarefoot lineup (

you may want to check it out. thanks for dropping by :)

Jens said...

"You might end up owning one"
Exactly this is what happened to me, after I tried a pair of VIVOBAREFOOTs for the first time :D
I bought this one and now I don't wear anything else on my fight! I think if everyone would try a Walk with these shoes, we would see just barefootshoes in a few weeks :D

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