Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Balance Minimus Life (aka Wellness / Walking)

Its here! The complete Minimus lineup. Now Available!

Still remember what they are made of?  Let me jog your memory
Drop: the difference between heel height and toe height. All NB Minimus shoes have a 4mm drop which provides a more natural foot position than traditional shoes
Width: the wider forefoot in NB Minimus allows your foot to expand naturally on impact
Heigth: to minimize distance from foot to ground, NB Minimus has no insert, minimal midsoles & outsoles, and is engineered to encourage a midfoot strike
Weight: because NB Minimus contains only what is necessary, it's almost 50% lighter than traditional lightweight shoes (6 oz versus 12 oz)

For your indulgence, high resolution pictures of the shoes
NB Minimus Life MW/WW10

New Balance Minimus Road MR/WR10

New Balance Minimus Trail MT/WT10

The Minimus Wellness (Life) looks very comfortable, with its wide toe box, and feels flat. In addition, the sole is relatively thin which is similar to Minimus Trail unlike the Road version, where its sole seems thick.  Nevertheless, I am very excited and looking forward for these babies to come out next year

So which one are you gunning for?  Road?  Trail?  Or Life?

source: http://www.newbalance.com/nb-minimus

Sunday, November 28, 2010

34th National MILO Marathon Manila Finals

If you feel that the ING fun run is a bit expensive, another option is to run at the Manila Finals of the 34th National MILO Marathon scheduled on December 12

Registration Details
1 A non-refundable entry fee plus one (1) MILO® label (minimum of 300g) must accompany each accomplished and signed Official Entry Form.    ALL RUNNERS WILL RECEIVE THEIR RACE SHIRT UPON REGISTRATION AND SUBMISSION OF 300G MILO® PACK

Registration Fee
  21-K Run  - P 500.00
  10-K Run  - P 500.00
  5-K Fun Run  - P 100.00
  Student Runners ( 3K &  5K)  - P   50.00

*P 5.00 from the registration fee will be donated to the Run-For-A-Cause


2 Participants who are below 18 years old must have their entry form signed by a parent/guardian.
3 Children who are 7 to 12 years old ON RACE DAY are qualified to join the 3-K Kiddie Run. They are required to have their entry form signed by a parent/guardian. They must also submit a photocopy of their NSO birth certificate or current school ID
4 Runners may claim their Official Race Packets (containing the official race number, safety pins, and route map) upon complete registration.
5 The reverse side of the Bib Number must be completed in full. Participants must wear the assigned Bib Number on his/her chest. Participants not wearing a Bib Number will be taken off the course by the organizer’s marshals.
6 Pets, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the course other than official race and medical vehicles.
7 Participants who begin before the actual start time of his/her race category will be disqualified. Participants who do not start within 10 minutes from respective flag off will be disqualified and may not be allowed to start.
8 “Gun Time” will be considered to determine the winners. Elite runners are advised to stay in front.
9 Apart from the trophies and medals, there will also be cash prizes for the top finishers of the seventeen elimination races and the National Final Race.
10 The top three schools in each area with the most number of students finishing the 5-K Fun Run and the 3-K Kiddie Run wins the Biggest School Delegation awards. Schools must have a minimum of 50 students finishing the race to qualify for the Biggest School Delegation Competition. They are also requested to submit their entry forms all the same time. Student runners must indicate the name of their school on their entry form. They must also submit a photocopy of their school ID for the current school year (front and back).

First Prize:     P 10,000 worth of sports equipment
Second Prize:     P   7,000 worth of sports equipment
Third Prize:     P   5,000 worth of sports equipment

11 The organizers reserves the right to reject any entrant or disqualify any participant found to have misrepresented himself/herself. If his/her identity of eligibility is challenged, it is the responsibility of the participant to prove who he/she really is. Entrants or participants found to have been dishonest are immediately disqualified and subjected to disciplinary sanctions by the  Race Organizers.
12 All qualifiers for the 42.195-K who decides not to join the run are also prohibited from competing in the other race categories of the National Finals (i.e., 21-K, 10-K and 5-K run).
13 Each race event has an official curfew. Vehicles with race marshals are going to pick up runners who fail to finish the race within the designated time. These runners are automatically disqualified. They are not entitled to a Certificate of Finish

21-K Race     2 ½ hours after official start of the race
10-K Race    1 ½ hours after official start of the race
5-K Race    1 hour after official start of the race
3-K Race    no curfew

All 21-K Finishers within the curfew time will receive a Finisher’s Medal
For all races, finishers within the curfew will receive a Certificate of Finish

14 All protests related to results must be made in writing and submitted within one (1) hour after the end of the race to the Race Organizers. A non-refundable protest fee amounting to P5,000 is required. Verbal protests are not going to be entertained.
15 The organizer may change without prior notice any of the rules and regulations that they deem necessary to ensure the success of the race.
16 The organizer’s decision is final

Registration Venue
Toby's SM North The Block
Toby's Greenhills
Toby's MOA

For 3K runners

For 5K runners

For 10K and 21K runners

Finisher's Medal (21K)

Race Route Map

A Word of Caution
Properly train for this event and also do NOT forget to bring your hydration belt.  If you don't have one, I strongly recommend that you get one especially if you are running for the 21k distance.  Please do all the necessary steps for a safe and risk-free run

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gov Joey Salceda supports KaRUNungan 2010

What does Governor Joey Salceda and KaRUNungan 2010 have in common?  Both believes that every child deserves a good education

In order to show support for the cause, the good governor shelled out some money from his own pocket to sponsor a handful of runners and form "Team Joey Salceda". Education is one of the main advocacy/project of the Governor in Albay, so it is only fitting to support such a cause

"So, its like pledging funds to the foundation or donation. I just persuade him that instead of donation, he just sponsor the reg fees of certain number of runners. The end is just the same, giving to the foundation, but in the case of my suggestion, its hitting 2 birds in one stone. Beneficial to runners and to the foundation at the same time" enthusiastically uttered by Zaldy Santillan

In order to maximize the allocated budget/donation, Zaldy gathered around 30 runners to sponsor and registered them to the 3km and 5km run categories. If a runner opted for a higher distance, s/he just need to add up P200

What does the participant need to do? Simple. Enjoy the fun run. And of course, to acknowledge the sponsor, wear the personalized bib (other than the official bib) during the race
"If you are wandering kung bakit hindi singlet ang pinagawa ko, mas mura ang bib kasi keysa singlet. Again, the main objective is to help the foundation. Keysa gumastos ka for singlet, igastos mo na lang ang tinipid mo by adding more slots" explained by Zaldy.  And I couldn't agree more

The Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. has organized the “KaRUNungan 2010: Run for Knowledge” campaign, which aims to gather the growing Filipino community of runners to champion the cause of education. The initiative will hold a series of running events to generate awareness and support for the continuing resource and learning gaps plaguing the Philippine education system

The total amount that the events will generate will go to the Knowledge Channel’s Karunungan 2010 Fund, which will be used to produce much-needed instructional shows on the subjects of English, Science and Math, that will bring “virtual” Expert Teachers on Air to complement the teaching of these critical subjects in class

About the Governor
Joey Sarte Salceda is the Governor of Albay, now on his 2nd term. He was formerly a 3-term Congressman of the 3rd District of Albay, the Presidential Chief of Staff of Gloria Arroyo and her Senior Economic Adviser as well

On his three terms as a lawmaker, Salceda was no stranger to the inner workings of Congress. Prior to his most recent stint in the House of Representatives, he was a Congressional Fellow to the late Speaker Ramon Mitra and Chief of Staff to the late Congressman, Senator, and Education Secretary Raul Roco

Voted by foreign fund managers in Asiamoney’s Annual Survey as “Best Analyst” in 1995 and “Best Economist” for four consecutive years from 1993 to 1996, Salceda brought to Congress a wealth of experience from the financial markets and the field of economics

Big THANKS to Zaldy Santillan for providing me the information about the program. Zaldy works at the office of Gov Joey Salceda. He is known as "Zalds" in Takbo.PH community and usually runs 21 kilometers. Kudos to you and the governor!  I hope that we will see more similar programs in the future

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is Barefoot Really Better?

The June/July issue of Men's Journal featured an article about barefoot running.  That its not really a question whether shodless is better but we should focus on one's stride technique

Here's some for your consumption:
My friend Christoper McDougall has really nice feet.  "Here, feel them," he said recently, proferring a meaty sole.  This was a big jump for us, friendship-wise, but he was right: His feet were smooth, supple, and surprisingly clean, given the fact that he runs 40 to 50 miles per week, predominantly on pavement - and barefoot

We'd been meaning to go for a run together for a year now, but he'd been a little busy.  Last May, he published the surprise bestseller Born to Run, which popularized the barefoot-running craze and made him the most controversial figure in running; every time we were supposed to go, he'd get called to New York for the The Daily Show or something to explain why, as he wrote in his book, "running shoes may be the most destructive force ever to hit the human foot."

That sentence attached the way we run and touched off heated debate on internet message boards and in shoe stores

All the debate lacked was scientific evidence: No studies have conclusively shown that running in shoes is somehow better than barefooting, or vice versa.  But fascinating new research suggests that McDougall may be on to something - just not quite what he thought.

"The wrong debate has been promulgated by journalists," says Daniel Lieberman, a professor in human evolutionary biology at Harvard whose January study in Nature sheds a different light on the potential benefits of barefooting.  "It's not about barefoot versus shoe running - that's a lifestyle debate.  It's really a debate about stride technique."

McDougall had been preaching the barefoot gospel to me for months.  His own "conversion" took place over the past couple of years, after he investigated why he - and more than half of all runners - sustains so many injuries from simply jogging.  Despite all the high-tech innovations, like gel-filled insoles, air cushions, and midfoot plates, built into today's near orthopedic shoes, research suggests that 40 to 80 percent of runners will get injured in any given year.  So he was excited when he stumbled upon some loose research about the potential benefits of running barefoot, with one particular study citing the way the Tarahumara, an indigenous Mexican tribe, run (in leather sandals) without getting hurt
Still skeptical?  Try it!  You will notice that you will run differently.  And don't forget to share your experience.  I believe that it will only be a matter of time that barefoot running, and everything that comes with it, will be fully understood (and embraced) in the running community

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nike Run Manila - December 5 2010

A couple of weeks ago a teaser about a Nike fun run came out.  A handful were asking if it is the Nike+ Human Race, which was concluded on October of last year.  When the announcement went out there was no information that came along except for the event date (December 5)

One thing is for sure, it tickled the senses of the running community.  Some even opted out of joining QCIM over this one.  While others clamored for the event to be moved to another date.  Me too!  A handful wants this event to claim the title "King of the Road".  Sad thing is, it won't be able to do that.  As it turns out, this fun run will only have 1 distance category - 5 kilometers

I give you -- Nike Run Club 5km Run

Race Details
Venue: 28th St cor 9th Ave Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Date: December 5, 2010
Assembly Time: 6:00 am
Gun Start: 7:00 am
Distance: 5 kilometers

Registration Details
Registration is from November 8 to December 2
Nike Park -Bonifacio High Street
Nike Park - Trinoma
Nike Park - Greenbelt 3
Nike Park - Mall of Asia
Nike Stadium -  Alabang Town Center

Student - Mens and Womens
Non-student - Mens and Womens
School Challenge

Registration Fee:
Student - PHP100
Non-student - PHP300

Race Kit:
bib number, d-tag, race checklist, race route map, race venue layout, getting to the race venue, information counter

Race Route Map

List of Prizes
Student and Non-student (Mens and Womens)
1st place - PHP 20,000 Nike voucher
2nd place - PHP 15,000 Nike voucher
3rd place - PHP 10,000 Nike voucher

School Challenge - PHP 50,000 Cash + PHP 50,000 Nike voucher + Trophy

Beneficiary: Kabataang Inyong Dapat Suportahan (K.I.D.S.) Foundation, Inc is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization that seeks to uphold children's rights based on existing laws and most importantly, on the intrinsic principles of benevolence, love, and the best that humanity can offer

Rules and Regulations
a. Participants below 18 years old must have their entry form signed by a parent/guardian
b. Race bib number and electronic timing chip must be worn at all times during the race.  Bib numbers should be pinned in front of your running shirt while chips must be attached to your shoes
c. All protest related to the results must be made in writing and submitted to the race organizer within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners
d. The organizer's decision is final

Water and First Aid Stations
a Drinking water will be provided at the finish line and every 1.5 kms
b. Medical aid will be available at certain points along the way and at the finish line

Toilet Area
Toilet cubicles will be available at the site during the race

Parking Area
All participants and other spectators are required to park their vehicles at the allocated parking area

Baggage Area
Baggage deposit service is available near the stage from 5am to 9am

Electronic Timing Chip
a. Official time will be based on the disposable Champion Chip provided in the race packet.  The chip must me secured by participants to their shoes prior to the race
b. No chip, no time.  Without the chip, the participant is not qualified to win the prize

Inclement Weather
a. In the event of heavy rain, lightning, haze and other inclement weather, the event will be delayed or canceled.  The event will not be postponed to a later date
b. Should the bad weather persist beyond 7am or the condition deemed unsuitable, the event will be cancelled
c. If the rain occurs after the race has started, you are advised to seek shelter along the race route.  If you wish to continue with the race, you will be running at your own risk

Important Notes
This race has no singlet.  Boo!  However there will be a finisher's kit that's worth looking forward to

(race map was taken from Kulit Runner)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler

What: Book Launch: Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler
Where: Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street
When: Sunday, November 28 · 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Details: Listen to Michael talk about his barefoot running experiences. Copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing by the author. Organized and sponsored by our friends in Terra Plana and the Barefoot Store (Mall of Asia)

What topics are covered in the book?
Learn how to transition into barefoot running with step by step instruction on form and technique. But, why stop there? In this one comprehensive book you get so much more! Topics include all of the following:
* A special greeting from Barefoot Ted
* A foreword by Danny Dreyer, the best selling author of ChiRunning and ChiWalking
* The latest science behind the benefits of barefoot running, including findings of Dr. Daniel Lieberman’s 2010 British Science Journal Nature study.
* How to heal and stay injury free
* Building balance, strength, endurance
* Building strong feet, legs, hips, muscles, tendons and joints
* Developing strong pads on the bottoms of your feet
* Training routines including cross training
* How to use shoes as a helpful tool
* Adjusting to different surfaces and terrain
* Meditation, quieting the mind and connecting with nature

The most comprehensive book on barefoot running and minimalist footwear to date.  With over 250 pages in length, including extensive illustrations and “how-to” photographs, it takes an in depth look at just about everything you want to know about barefoot running

If you’re looking to get into barefoot running, overcome a nagging injury, learn to run pain free, or just get in the best running shape of your life, then this book’s for you

The book is currently being retailed at $24.95 (online).  No word yet on how much they will be selling it.
So if you are into barefoot running or interested on how it can change your biomechanics and achieve a foot/midfoot strike, come and join us next Sunday.  See you there

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unilab Run United 2 Race Information

Ready for the A-grade event of the year?  Going for the Afroman Distance (32K)?  This is everything (well, almost) you ought to know for a stress-free and fun run this weekend

Assembly Time and Gun Start
November 20, 2010 (Saturday)
Category 500 meters 3 KM 10 KM 21 KM
Assembly Time 6:00 AM 4:00 AM 4:00 AM 4:00 AM
Gun Start 7:30 AM 5:45 AM 5:30 AM 5:10 AM

November 21, 2010 (Sunday)
Category 500 meters 5 KM 15 KM 32 KM
Assembly Time 6:00 AM 4:00 AM 4:00 AM 3:00 AM
Gun Start 7:30 AM 5:45 AM 5:30 AM 4:30 AM

Race / Route Map  
Please click on the image for a bigger resolution

32km race map (updated with water and banana station)

21km race map (updated with water and banana station)

15km race map (updated with water and banana station)

10km race map (updated with water station)

5km race map (updated with water station)

3km race map (updated with water station)

How to properly attach the D-Tag
Official time will be based on the D-Tag provided in the race kit. The D-Tag must be attached by participants to their shoes prior to the race. No D-Tag, no time. Therefore, the participant without the D-Tag will not be qualified to win the prize

List of Prizes

Unilab ActiveHealth Village
Complete your family bonding experience with a visit to the Unilab ActiveHealth Village and its three zones where you can avail of free health diagnostics and fitness consultations, plus win prizes in exciting games for all members of the family!
Bring your family to the Unilab ActiveHealth Village and avail of these free diagnostics: PADS, RBS, BP, Cholesterol, Bone Density, Sleep Test, BMI, Moisture Skin Test, including free consultations with medical doctors.
You may also consult for free with running coaches and fitness experts in the field of triathlon, weight management, strength and conditioning, personal wellness, even Stott-Pilates

Check the Run United 2 Photovendo Day1 Day2

RunPix Analysis
Check the Run United 2 RunPix here

Race Results
Check the Run United 2 Results here

Water and First Aid Stations
Drinking water will be provided at the finish line and at every 1.5km along the route. Medical aid will be available at certain points along the way and at the finish line.

Kid's Day Care Area
A free day care area will be available for kids 5 to 12 years old. It will be located within the Active Kids Zone of the Unilab ActiveHealth Village. It will open at 3:00 AM on November 20 and 2:00 AM on November 21.

Toilet Area
Toilet cubicles will be available at the site during the race.
Traffic Advisory

Expect heavy traffic before and after event proper.

Parking Area
All participants and other spectators are required to park their vehicles at the allocated parking area
Baggage Area
Baggage deposit service is available near the stage from 4:30 AM to 9:00 AM

Important Reminders
1. Race bib numbers and D-Tag must be worn at all times during the race.  Bib numbers should be pinned in front of your running shirt while D-Tag must be attached to your shoes
2. Medals will be given to all 21km and 32km finishers only
3. Finisher's kits will be given upon finishing the race
4. All protests related to the results must be made in writing and submitted to the Race Organizer within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners
5. The organizer’s decision is final

Health starts with your family

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ING Bank Philippines Running 20

The half-mary entry fee usually hovers around P750.  Adidas KOTR went beyond that by charging participants with P850.  And if you think that's the most expensive 21k race...think again.  A fun run dubbed as "ING Running 20" has broken that record

Welcome to the world of P1,000 registration fee!

What's more interesting is that the half-mary category isn't your typical 21.1km race.  It is only 20 kilometers.  Yup, that's right.  It's only 20 kilometers.  And I bet you already know the reason why. Clue: A Race To Build 20 Homes To Celebrate Our 20 Years

Another thing that is unique about this race is that a guaranteed entry to the ING NYC Marathon 2011 will be raffled exclusively to the participants of the 20k finishers.  I am guessing that's the reason why the registration fee is so high is because it covers the $11 application fee.  I'm not sure though if the 0.2% chance of being drawn is better than applying online thru NYCMarathon

Interested to join?  Here's the race details

In celebration of 20 years in the Philippines, ING Bank in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, will build the 2nd ING Village in Calauan, Laguna as part of the "BayaniJuan sa Southville 7" community. ING has already sponsored 23 more houses as proof of their commitment. But we need more help.

To help achieve this ambitious goal, ING Manila is organizing a special running event to raise funds for the construction of 20 homes in Laguna at P90,000 each. The ING Village will be a part of a solid community with access to education and livelihood opportunities.

The future residents are the informal settlers along the Pasig River . Not only will you help build a home, you will also help save the environment by revitalizing a historic and vital source of water. Run for a worthy cause and together let's make a difference one home at a time.

Registration Fee
Registration is from 15 November to 08 December 2010
Or until slots have been filled up, whichever comes first
Category Slots Registration Fee Inclusions Assembly Gun Start
3K 500 PHP 500
Race Kit, RFID
Tag, Singlet
and Giveaways
5:40 am 5:50 am
5K 1000 PHP 500
Race Kit, RFID
Tag, Singlet
and Giveaways
5:30 am 5:40 am
10K 1000 PHP 500
Race Kit, RFID
Tag, Singlet
and Giveaways
5:20 am 5:30 am
20K 500 PHP 1000 Race Kit, RFID
Tag, Singlet,
Finisher Shirt,
Finisher Medal and
Eligibility to NYC
Marathon Raffle
5:00 am 5:20 am

Registration Center / Venue
    * ROX, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
    * Royal Sporting House, Robinson’s Place, Ermita
    * Reebok, Trinoma, EDSA, QC
    * Reebok, Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong
    * Royal Sporting House, Glorietta 4, Makati
    * Reebok, Festival Mall, Alabang

Online Registration
For non ING employees or clients, please pay the entry Fee + PHP 100 delivery charge
Account Name: Pep Squad Events and Marketing Services Inc
Bank/ Branch : BPI Otis
Account No : 8053-0027-07
Race kits will be delivered on or before 05 December 2010.

Waiver and Release Agreement
Download here

Singlet Design

20K Finisher Shirt

20K Race Map / Route

10K Race Map / Route

5K Race Map / Route

3K Race Map / Route

List of Prizes
Distance Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
3K Mens Division PHP 3,000 PHP 2,000 PHP 1,000
Ladies Division PHP 3,000 PHP 2,000 PHP 1,000
5K Mens Division PHP 5,000 PHP 3,000 PHP 2,000
Ladies Division PHP 5,000 PHP 3,000 PHP 2,000
10K Mens Division PHP 8,000 PHP 5,000 PHP 3,000
Ladies Division PHP 8,000 PHP 5,000 PHP 3,000
20K Mens Division PHP 10,000 PHP 8,000 PHP 5,000
Ladies Division PHP 10,000 PHP 8,000 PHP 5,000

ING NYC Marathon Entry Raffle Mechanics
1. Participants of the 20k category who have fully paid the registration fee and finished the race are automatically qualified to join the raffle.
2. A lottery system will be applied.
3. There will be 500 balls in a standard numbered 2501-3000 as it corresponds with the race bib number.
4. Each runner is automatically entitled to one ball, however the first place winner will have (4) four additional balls to a total of (5) five balls, while the second place winner will have (2) two additional balls to a total of (3) three balls and the third place winner will have an additional (1) one ball to a total of (2) two balls.
5. If the drawn number does not appear on the list of runners who finished the race, another ball will be drawn again and will be checked against the list of finishers.
6. The draw will be held on 11 December 2010 at Bonifacio Global City.
7 The winner must be physically present during the raffle draw to claim the price. No Proxy is allowed.
8. Winners must present their race bib with 2 valid ID’s with photos. Valid ID’s are: local driver’s license, passport, school ID, company ID, government ID’s, Philippine government issued local residency/working/student permits for foreigners.
9. Only an untampered race bib which is no less than ¾ of its original size will be accepted.
10. The winner shall pay for their air fare, accommodations, visa fees and any applicable taxes.
11. The prize is not convertible to cash.
12. The prize is non transferrable.
13. In the event that the winner does not claim the prize within (60) sixty days of awarding, the slot will be forfeited in favor of ING Bank Philippines.

Rules and Regulations
1. While every reasonable precaution will be taken by the organizers to ensure the participants’ safety, it is understood that participants run at their own risk and the organizers and/or sponsors shall not be responsible or held liable for any injury, disability or death arising from training or occurring during participation in the race.
2. Participants are strongly encouraged to undergo medical check-up and/or consult medical practitioners prior to registration and before the actual race day.
3. Participants must wear the assigned bib and tag number on his/her chest. Participants not wearing a bib will be taken off the course by security officers.
4. Partial road closure will be lifted two hours from the commencement of the first race. Participants will then continue on the footpath at their own risk.
5. A Participant must retire from the race immediately, if required to do so by any member of the medical staff, race director, referee and/or security officer.
6. Once registration has been duly processed, there will be no entry fee refund for participants who for whatever reason do not eventually take part in the race.
7. There will be no entry fee refund if the event is cancelled on account of force majeure or for causes beyond the reasonable control of the organizers.
8. The Organizers reserve the right to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or other media records for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising without giving monetary consideration to any participant.
9. The Organizers reserve the right to limit and/or refuse entries without giving any reason.
10. The Organizers will not entertain nor be in any way responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete entry details.
11. Race category and race entry are strictly non-transferable.
12. All winners must be physically present to receive their awards and prizes during the awarding ceremony. The Organizers shall have the right to forfeit the prizes of winners who are not physically present during the awarding ceremony.
13. The Organizers’ decision is final.
14. For prize winners or possible prize winners, disputes and appeals must be made on-the-spot within 30 minutes of the published results on the results notice board on-site or immediately after the prize presentation whichever comes first.
15. For all participants, disputes and appeals regarding the results must be submitted in a written format, including electronic mail within 3 days of the race. Organizers reserve the rights not to entertain any dispute or appeal after December 15, 2010.

Race Organizer
PEP Squad Events
(02) 5600252 or (02) 3486784

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Merrell Barefoot: fusion of Merrell and Vibram

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Merrell and Vibram collaborated in coming up with a minimalist, lightweight, versatile and efficient footwear.  This is in response to the ever growing need of minimalist and barefoot runners beyond running and fitness.  In short going outdoors (trail)

The poster on my previous post showed six shoes to choose from.  More accurately, three choices for the boys and another three for the girls.  And I'd have to agree the picture is quite small and no matter how hard you (and I) try, we would never know what they'd look like.  Staring at your screens for a long time doesn't help either

So to spare you from getting eye spasms from squinting too hard and too long, here's the complete collection in bigger resolution and their description based from Merrell's press release

Men's Trail Glove.  An athletic trail runner for a close-to-terrain ride. Mesh and synthetic leather upper and the proprietary Merrell Omni-Fit™ lacing system that quickly cinches for a precise fit

Men’s True Glove.  A streamlined, all-terrain multi-sport shoe for scrambling across creeks and crags with natural ease. Mesh and synthetic leather upper

Men’s Tough Glove.  A foot-conforming soft leather model, with versatility for wearing around town or into a spontaneous game of ultimate Frisbee

"Merrell also brings an entire category of barefoot fit and function to women’s-specific outdoor footwear.  These patterns designed and engineered by women let enthusiasts get closer to the terrain on which they play"

Women’s Pace Glove.  Alow-profile trail runner with breathable mesh upper

Women’s Power Glove.  Ankle-high design with Velcro closures for multi-purpose on- or off-trail activity

Women’s Pure Glove.  A super low-profile Lycra mesh Mary Jane for multi-purpose activity

 Here's an excerpt from their press release

Merrell®, a leading outdoor footwear and apparel brand known for out-of-the-box comfort and versatility, and Vibram®, the world leader in advanced performance sole design and makers of the well known Five Fingers® barefoot concept, exclusively collaborate to create an outsole design that aids in multi-directional movement and adaptability. The end result is Merrell Barefoot, a collection of minimalist, lightweight, versatile and efficient footwear. The collection is a progression of shoes that meet the varying needs of outdoor enthusiasts. All will be available at retail and on merrell.com in February 2011

“For feet to be healthy, we believe they need to be stimulated and exercised, which will in turn improve the body’s balance and agility. On that premise, we collaborated with Merrell to develop an exclusive outsole that aids in stride efficiency and adaptability for all outdoor terrain”

Merrell Barefoot blends minimalist design for added foot freedom with specific traction zones to meet the needs of any terrain – from street to trail. The designs help engage the feet for a more natural stride by moving the wearer off the heel and encouraging forward momentum to a mid-foot landing with lower impact and a more aligned and efficient gait. Stimulated muscles increase core strength, amp up agility and build the body’s ability to burn more calories
Merrell's barefoot collection is really promising.  Something to look forward to next year.  Though I still dig Minimus Trail over this set
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