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Discovery Channel Vertical Marathon

In the Run BGC Chevrolet Cruze Raffle Mechanics, it was mentioned that another way to qualify for the raffle is by participating in the Run BGC Vertical Marathon.  A handful of runners were wondering where they can get information about the said event

Interestingly, there's not much information going around 'bout this race unlike Run BGC.  And I cannot muster any explanation as to why it is.  Though, they have a television commercial being aired in Discovery Channel

If you are interested in joining this one-of-a-kind event and have a better chance of bringing home a brand new Chevy Cruze, here's how to join --

Discovery Channel Vertical Marathon
The Discovery Vertical Marathon is a unique event to be staged for the first time ever at Bonifacio E-Services Building on the corner of Rizal Drive and 31st Street in Bonifacio Global City. It is composed of three forms of running with varying demands on the cardiovascular system and the knees, mainly.

It starts with a road run followed by ramp running (on a 30- to 35-degree incline) then stair climbing and running down the stairs to be concluded with another road running. This combination of different ways of running from other kinds of stair climbing or vertical runs (viz., run up, run up and down, running uphill before a run up, road run before run up alone or with run down) becoming popular in different parts of the world.

Proceeds of the event will be donated to Gawad Kalinga's environmental arm - Green Kalinga, in support of their community projects

Participants may register through Entry Fee of Php 600.00. Deadline of registration is on November 19, 2010.
Runners must present registration confirmation and Entry Fee deposit slip upon collection of Race Kits

Payment Options
1. Direct payment on November 20 and 21, 2010 at Bonifacio High Street, 10am to 7pm
2. Payment can also be deposited in any BDO branches:
    * Bank: BDO Savings
    * Account Name: Asian Cable Enterprises, Inc.
    * Acount No. 3430-0661-60

Collection of Race Kits
November 20-21, 2010 Bonifacio High Street 10:00 am-7:00 pm
Runners must present entry fee deposit slip

Bonifacio E- Services Building Rizal Drive cor. 31st Street Bonifacio Global City Taguig

Race Category
1. Runners have a choice of entering the Half-Century (50 floors) or Century (100 floors) run
Half-Century Run
horizontal run – 512 meters
slope run 1,090 meters
vertical run 707 steps
Century Run
horizontal run – 782 meters
slope run 2,180 meters
vertical run 1,414 steps

Singlet Design

1. All amateur and professional athletes are eligible to participate in the Discovery Vertical Marathon
2. Minimum Age
Everyone who has reached the age of 18 years is entitled to join the Relay. There are, however, the following exceptions: participants of the Races are entitled to start if they have reached the age of 16 provided that they can present a written declaration of consent from their parent or legal guardian. This consent has to be in form of the parent or legal guardian's signature on the registration form. If registering online, a written declaration of consent by the parent or legal guardian has to be made without the official form.
3. Health
All participants are obliged to make sure that they meet with the fitness requirements of the Discovery Vertical Marathon and, if necessary, seek medical consultation to ensure that they do
4. Runners opting for the Century should have personal best in the 10K of sub-40:00 for the men and sub-50:00 for the women.
5. The half-century is an open race, i.e. no time requirement.

Gun Start and Assembly Time
November 27, 2010 6:00 a.m / 5:00 a.m

Pre-Race Phase
1. All runners shall check in at least five minutes before their designated start times.
2. The century start is 6:00 a.m. and the half century 6:30 a.m. These times and all other times (check-in times and start times) shall be based on the official clock to be placed at the start area. From time to time, the time of day shall be announced.
3. The check in and start time for each heat shall be posted in a conspicuous spot at the start/finish area. Announcement of these times shall also be made as often as necessary.
4. The runners shall be started off on heats.
5. Each heat may have a maximum of twenty runners.
6. There shall be separate heats for men and women in both the century and half-century. Women’s heats shall follow after all the men’s heats have been started off.
7. There shall be a three-minute gap between heats.
8. A group of 20 (composed of members of the same club, employees of the same company, members of same “barkada”, or the like) may have a heat dedicated to them.
9. There shall be a holding area for the runners for each heat.
10. If a runner could not make it to his/her heat, he shall be allowed to run only in the last heat for his/her gender.
11. Failure of a runner to run in his/her assigned heat and also the alternative heat (see item #10), subjects him/her to disqualification

Race Route
Participants will run up nine ramps of parking spaces, climb up the stairs until the 25th floor, return to the lobby and run around the park to conclude the race

Race/Run Phase
1. After the horn is blown, runners starting at Rizal Drive (the street fronting the Bonifacio e-Services Building) turn right to 3rd Street and then turn left to enter the building from the parking entrance up to the 1st floor ramp. (distance: 160 meters)
2. Runners will run up to the 9th floor using the ramp throughout. (distance: 1,090 meters) At the 9th floor they proceed to the stairwell and negotiate the stairs up to 25th floor where their split times are taken before they go in the opposite stairwell. (distance: 300 steps + 37 meters)
3. Overtaking shall be on the right side when going up the stairs.
4. Runners will run down 25 floors (distance: 407 steps) and go out to the lobby, then get out of the building (distance:15 meters)
5. At the street fronting the building (Rizal Drive), runners turn right to 30th Street and upon reaching the first corner, turn left to Third Street and run a stretch of the Third Avenue and turn left for the finish.(distance: 300 meters)
6. Overtaking shall be on the left side when going down the stairs

1. FOR SAFETY PURPOSES: NO LIQUID SHALL BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE STAIRWELL. THE WATER STATIONS WILL BE LOCATED AT THE START AND FINISH AREAS ONLY. However, the Century runners may take water at the corner of the Rizal Drive and 3rd Street going into their second half of the run.
2. There will be three medical stations: at 1) 9th floor, 2) 25th floor and 3) finish area. There will be two ambulances: at 1) 9th floor and 2) opposite side of the entrance to the parking area of the Bonifacio e-Services Building.
3. Runners’ times will be flashed at the finish. But the top 3 winners in both men’s and women’s divisions of the half-century and century run will be officially declared only after the last runner has crossed the finish line.
4. From time to time, the progressive ranking of the runners (the top three runners after the first heat and the subsequent heat) shall be announced.
5. Finisher’s medal and other giveaways can be picked up near the stage at the parking lot in front of the building.

Century Run (Elite Division)
First Place – Php25,000.00
Second Place – Php15,000.00
Third Place – Php10,000.00

Half-Century Run (Novice Division)
Men’s Category:
First Place – Php20,000.00
Second Place – Php10,000.00
Third Place – Php5,000.00
Ladies’ Category
First Place – Php20,000.00
Second Place – Php10,000.00
Third Place – Php5,000.00

Special Prizes
1. Top Filipino finisher of the Century leg will represent the Philippines at the Swisshotel Vertical Marathon in Singapore (
2. All finishers of the marathon can have a chance to win a brand new Chevy Cruze in a raffle draw

For Inquiries
Contact TEAM Ventures (5225953 or 4009745)
Email Address:


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info sir!

i just won a free slot sa vertical marathon na 'to courtesy of Skechers... ang ganda ng singlet!!!

Daves said...

john, congrats and good luck sa run mo sa sabado :)

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