Friday, November 26, 2010

Gov Joey Salceda supports KaRUNungan 2010

What does Governor Joey Salceda and KaRUNungan 2010 have in common?  Both believes that every child deserves a good education

In order to show support for the cause, the good governor shelled out some money from his own pocket to sponsor a handful of runners and form "Team Joey Salceda". Education is one of the main advocacy/project of the Governor in Albay, so it is only fitting to support such a cause

"So, its like pledging funds to the foundation or donation. I just persuade him that instead of donation, he just sponsor the reg fees of certain number of runners. The end is just the same, giving to the foundation, but in the case of my suggestion, its hitting 2 birds in one stone. Beneficial to runners and to the foundation at the same time" enthusiastically uttered by Zaldy Santillan

In order to maximize the allocated budget/donation, Zaldy gathered around 30 runners to sponsor and registered them to the 3km and 5km run categories. If a runner opted for a higher distance, s/he just need to add up P200

What does the participant need to do? Simple. Enjoy the fun run. And of course, to acknowledge the sponsor, wear the personalized bib (other than the official bib) during the race
"If you are wandering kung bakit hindi singlet ang pinagawa ko, mas mura ang bib kasi keysa singlet. Again, the main objective is to help the foundation. Keysa gumastos ka for singlet, igastos mo na lang ang tinipid mo by adding more slots" explained by Zaldy.  And I couldn't agree more

The Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. has organized the “KaRUNungan 2010: Run for Knowledge” campaign, which aims to gather the growing Filipino community of runners to champion the cause of education. The initiative will hold a series of running events to generate awareness and support for the continuing resource and learning gaps plaguing the Philippine education system

The total amount that the events will generate will go to the Knowledge Channel’s Karunungan 2010 Fund, which will be used to produce much-needed instructional shows on the subjects of English, Science and Math, that will bring “virtual” Expert Teachers on Air to complement the teaching of these critical subjects in class

About the Governor
Joey Sarte Salceda is the Governor of Albay, now on his 2nd term. He was formerly a 3-term Congressman of the 3rd District of Albay, the Presidential Chief of Staff of Gloria Arroyo and her Senior Economic Adviser as well

On his three terms as a lawmaker, Salceda was no stranger to the inner workings of Congress. Prior to his most recent stint in the House of Representatives, he was a Congressional Fellow to the late Speaker Ramon Mitra and Chief of Staff to the late Congressman, Senator, and Education Secretary Raul Roco

Voted by foreign fund managers in Asiamoney’s Annual Survey as “Best Analyst” in 1995 and “Best Economist” for four consecutive years from 1993 to 1996, Salceda brought to Congress a wealth of experience from the financial markets and the field of economics

Big THANKS to Zaldy Santillan for providing me the information about the program. Zaldy works at the office of Gov Joey Salceda. He is known as "Zalds" in Takbo.PH community and usually runs 21 kilometers. Kudos to you and the governor!  I hope that we will see more similar programs in the future


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