Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Haile Gebrselassie Retires

You read it right.  Haile Gebrselassie, last Sunday, announced his retirement from the running world. Sad but true

His sudden retirement was driven by a knee injury. He was seen with fluid and tendinitis on his right knee during an MRI, conducted a day before the NYC Marathon.  Consequently his knee was drained and was given cortisone (helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain)  And still showed up at the starting line on race day

He was with fellow Ethiopian Gebre Gebremariam, in the lead pack, when Haile dropped out at 16-mile mark during the ING New York City Marathon 2010.  I guess the pain was unbearable and he eventually decided not to continue anymore.  We are, human after all.  Even machines breaks down

It is very sad to know that one of the greatest athlete has been taken out, on a sport that he loves, by an injury.  I was teary eyed when I learned about it.  I couldn't believe it at first.  I thought it was a prank or a sick joke.  Browsing the interweb did confirm the authenticity of the report.

Gebre Gebremariam won the men's title by crossing the finish line in 2 hours 8 minutes and 14 seconds

(source: yahoo sports, telegraph, bbc, examiner, runners world)


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