Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tokyo Marathon 2011

Tokyo Marathon is an annual sporting event in Tokyo that started in 2007. There are only two race categories: (1) Marathon, and (2) 10km Race. Tokyo Marathon 2011 doubles as The 95th National Men's Marathon Championship, and doubles as Japanese Men's National Team Selection Race for The 13th IAAF World Championships in Athletics

I am ecstatic to announce that I will be participating in the 10km Race of the Tokyo Marathon 2011

Though I'm not running a full marathon, I consider myself lucky because the number of applicants exceeded the slots available on its first day of registration.  Good thing it wasn't a first-come and first-served basis, as they continued to accept registrations for a whole month

I never knew that there's a high demand for this race.  It was when I bumped into an article that I learned how popular this event was.  Demand was indeed very high since it started in 2007.  The number of runners who are drawn to join are ever increasing in each year

Because of the huge demand, the organizers announced that a lottery system will be used to decide if an applicant will be selected or not.  The results of the lottery will be made available starting October 12 via email

There was 46,678 runners who applied for the 3,000 slots in the 10km category.  Using Probability formula, I have at least a 0.0021% chance of being selected, compared to 0.00034% for the full marathon registrants.  I guess Lady Luck was on my side.  The good news arrived on October 15

Paid up the entry fee of 6,000 Yen (around $74) which I think is a bit expensive compared to Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.  For my flight, I'd be using my Asia Miles to secure me a ticket.  After that, I will start saving up some cash to cover for my inland transportation, meals, keepsake (can't forget this) and other miscellaneous expenses.  As of now, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I'd be able to find a place that I can spend a couple of nights.  Hotel can be outrageously expensive especially in Tokyo

Here's additional information about the race
Date & Time Sunday February 27, 2011
9:05 a.m. (Wheelchair Start)
9:10 a.m. (Elite and Mass Race Start)
10:50 a.m. 10km Finish
16:10 p.m. Marathon Finish

Time Limit Marathon 7 hours
10km Race 1 hour and 40 minutes

(i) The enforced time limits are based on the gun time (not a chip time).
(ii) The cut-off time will be enforced at each checkpoint due to limited duration of traffic control, security operation and event operation. The runners, who fail to pass through the checkpoint before the cut-off time, will be disqualified from the race. Furthermore, trailing runners who lag excessively behind the cut-off time pace may be asked to leave the course at anytime

Qualifications Marathon Must be at least 19 years of age on the race day
1-1) Mass participants Runners, both men and women (including handicapped, domestic and international runners recommended by the race organizer), capable of completing the race under 6 hours and 40 minutes- Athletes registered with the JAAF.
- Athletes not registered with the JAAF.
1-2) Elite Runners - Runners, both men and women, satisfy the special requirements set by JAAF.
- Invited runners: domestic and international runners recommended by the JAAF.
1-3) Wheelchair Total of twenty-five athletes, including both men and women, capable of completing the race within 2 hours 10 minutes riding the racing wheelchair
2) 10km Race Must be at least 16 years of age on the race day
2-1) Mass Race Runners (both men and women) capable of finishing the race within one hour and thirty minutes.
2-2) Special Race a) Wheelchair: Twenty-five athletes (both men and women) capable of finishing the race within 50 minutes on the racing wheelchair.
b) Fifty pairs of male and female visually impaired runners with companions.
c) One hundred male and female intellectually challenged runners.
d) Fifty male and female runners with the history of organ transplant.

Race Map

Tokyo Marathon 2010 Photos


Unknown said...

wow! you're so lucky! might want to try the 6/55 philippine lotto too.. just a back up plan for your trip expenses.. haha, kidding! take care and good luck, daves! :)

Daves said...

ahahaha! i'm actually thinking about it. gonna get myself a lotto ticket this weekend if nobody wins it by tomorrow

then i don't have to worry my expenses during my stay ;) thanks dianne!

mark said...

kumusta po takbo nyo dito sir daves?

Daves said...

i didn't push thru with the trip due to visa processing. i will register again for next year and hopefully be able to run here. then again, condura and hkmarathon runs on the same month so it might hurt the piggy bank :)

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