Friday, December 31, 2010

Marathon Singapore (SCMS) 2010: My Journey To The Finish Line

The day has finally come.  The event that I have been preparing for several months - Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010.  My quest was to be able to finish the 10km race in 40 minutes or less. Well, at least that was my intention

Caveat:  This is going to be a long but fun read - I guarantee it!

May 20. Successfully registered for my 1st international 10k race

Fast forward ...

December 3. We arrived in Singapore past 8 o'clock in the evening.  We were an hour late since our flight was delayed.  Took the MRT from the airport and got off at Boon Keng.  My stomach was already grumbling so i settled to drop by at the nearest 7-11 for a quick bite.  I was able to check-in past 9PM.  Unpacked my bag, changed to my sleeping clothes, set my alarm and hit the bed

December 4.  I woke up by 630AM and was wondering why the sun hasn't come up.  I checked my watch again to see if it is indeed 630 or did I woke up earlier.  Peeked through the window shade and saw some rain clouds.  At that time, I was wishing for the day to be cloudy and on the event day as well.  Still sleepy but forced myself out of bed.  Had to start the day early as I need to get my race kit in Tampines.  My good friend claimed it for me in my behalf

From Tampines, next stop is Harbourfront.  Our itinerary for the day was to have a grand time in Universal Studios Singapore.  While I was on my way, instead of people watching I chose to read the event handbook and before I even realized it, heavy rain poured out of the dark clouds.  There I was thinking, of so many days why does it have to rain that day

It was 930 when I alighted at USS (Universal Studios Singapore).  The weather lightened up and the heavy rain became a drizzle.  Mitch and Ian was the first ones to get there and was waiting for the rest of us to arrive.  By the time we all got there, the sky has cleared
from L to R: Ed, Ian, Dex, Me! Angel, Mitch, Chast, and Jyet (missing: Benj who took this picture)

We all had a grand time though the weather wasn't fully cooperating.  Light rains was coming in and out for the rest of the afternoon.  Because of this, some rides wasn't operational.  Boo!  We ended the day by 6PM.  At least to the other guys.  Was on my way back and something's been bugging me - baggage and transportation

Once I got inside my room, I immediately flipped the pages of the event handbook for another rundown.  I was really worried about checking-in my baggage and how am I gonna go to Esplanade Drive.  Reviewing the handbook, I got scared when I learned that it'll take 45 minutes for me to deposit (and claim) my bag.  My original plan was to get as much rest as possible and wake up by 6AM.  Decided to cut my sleep by an hour to make sure that I won't be caught up with a long queue and be late for my gun start (7:45AM)

Now having sort that out, next one is how am I gonna go there.  Thinking that it might be a bad idea to grab a cab as some roads will be closed.  So I checked out the site once more to get some relevant information.  Good thing was that there was trial MRT services for half-marathoners.  The departure times from Boon Keng was 5:29AM, 5:44AM, 5:59AM and 6:14AM.  Cool!  Waking up by 5 seems to be a good idea after all.  If I miss the first departure time, I can catch the second one and still be early for my gun start

December 5.  (Pre-Race)  5AM.  My alarm went off.  Opened my eyes and without any delay I jumped out of bed to start my pre-race rituals.  Time flew so fast that when I checked my watch again, I saw that I just missed the first ride out of Boon Keng (NE9).  That meant I only had 15 minutes left to catch the next one.  Went out the door with barely 10 minutes left, a street to cross and 200 meters to cover.  I jogged all the way to the MRT station thinking that if I missed this, I'd be loosing 15 precious minutes and that would give me a lot more pressure.  Two minutes.  The next train will be coming in within 2 minutes, that's what the screen showed.  Without thinking, I sprinted all the way until I've reached the platform.  I made it!

The idea was simple - get to City Hall as quick as possible.  Since MRT was operating to cater to the SCMS runners, it was a cool sight seeing the rest of the passengers donning the event's singlet.  You can immediately feel the excitement.  But my enthusiasm soon faded away because I could not remember which station to get off.  I know what you are thinking - "what a loser".  I totally forgot that I needed to transfer to the North-South (Red) line and though my train will take me directly.  I jumped out at Outram Park (NE3) to catch the East-West (Green) line going to City Hall (EW13)

It was already 6AM when I've reached the platform.  A few minutes later, an announcement was made.  The next train was going to be available by 621AM.  I just said "WHAT?!?"  I should have gotten off at Doby Ghaut and saved myself a few minutes.  It was the longest 21 minutes of my life.  I was fidgety the whole time.  Even started thinking of either taking the bus or just run all the way to City Hall

A few minutes more, the train arrived as scheduled.  Rode it and got off at City Hall.  The next item in my checklist was to find War Memorial Park.  Signage was very helpful in pointing where the baggage facility was located. The placard was all over and difficult to miss.  When I got there, i was a surprised, there was NO long line at all.  My efforts has paid off.  Checking-in my baggage was a breeze.  There were many personnel manning the baggage station.  I guess this was expected since there were 21,000 runners who registered for the 10km race.

December 5.  (Race)  I got to the starting point (Esplanade Drive) before 7AM.  Surprised to see that only a couple of hundred runners were there.  I was expecting that there would be thousands of participants already waiting at the bridge.  I first walked up to the starting line and since it was still early, I went out of the corral to grab a drink to ensure that I am hydrated and do a final visit to the portalet.

I went back in and did some light jogging to fight away the jitters.  At this time a lot of runners are inside the 10k pen.  I now rushed going towards the arch.  While doing so, I noticed that there were ropes laid out on the road.  Later I found out that it was to control the number of runners and implement a wave starting system.  That seems to be a good idea especially when you have 21,000 runners in one category.  Having single gun start for everyone would be a logistical nightmare

While waiting for the gun to be fired, we saw the first marathon runner sprinting his way to the finish line.  Immediately, everyone was clapping and recognizing the feat he has done.  He responded with the encouragement he got by giving a thumbs up.  I guess donning the number "1" bib is just right.  The emcee even commented with how fast he was running that it felt that the Kenyan was running for a 100m dash but  doing it for 42 kilometers.  Kenneth finished with a time of 2 hours and 14 minutes.  Now that's fast!

A few minutes more then the emcee announced that we were only 5 minutes away from our gun start.  This even made me more nervous.  How am I going to fare?  Confidence level wasn't really that high as I've been missing some roadwork 2 weeks prior.  I just have to trust that all the hard work I've put in for the past months will support me on this race

The time has finally come.  We were given the 'go' signal.  Everyone has sped off.  Just a few seconds from the starting line, somebody stepped at the back of my right shoe and it almost slipped off my feet.  Had to stop and put it back.  This was the first time it had happened to me.  Was I too slow?  Was I impeding faster runners?  I just shrugged off the idea and resumed running.

In order to keep up with the lead pack I started out too fast.  Because of this, I found myself breathing heavily just after the first kilometer.  I had to slow down a bit and control my pace if I have to finish the race with a proper time.  The 2nd kilometer of the route was such a nice sight.  Every runner got a double treat - Marina Bay Sands up ahead and Helix Bridge on the right.
I initially thought that we will be running on Helix Bridge.  Still, it was all good just by looking at it up close.  A couple of minutes more then I saw the 3KM marker right in front of Marina Bay Sands.  I checked my watch and couldn't believe what I saw - the 3rd marker was only 3 minutes away.  I couldn't possibly ran that fast.  I knew instantly something was off.  I just hoped that the other distance markers were correctly placed

Already covered more than half of the distance then I started seeing the 21k and 42k runners.  At this time my mind is telling me to stop that I am too tired to continue.  In addition this was also the part where we need to cross a bridge.  I am not sure about the elevation and how long it was but for me it was the longest bridge that I ever crossed.  My brain also prompted me to slow down and follow the pace of the crowd which was easy on my heart.  While doing so I just enjoyed the view of the Singapore Flyer
Since I made some micro-adjustments on how fast I was going, I tried to make up for the lost time by running hard for the next two kilometers.  My body was still OK but my heart was giving up on me.  Not running for so long has indeed taken its toll.  I stopped at the 8KM marker in order to catch my breath and lower down my heart beat.  I checked my time to see how I was doing and so far I've averaged 5 minutes per kilometer.  "Not bad", I said to myself.  With two kilometers left, I mustered the remaining strength and willpower in me to continue running.  The race marshals somehow helped as they were cheering for me and kept on saying "Go! Go! Go!"

Expecting for a miracle to happen but none came.  I was barely keeping up with the pace of the other runners.  Not seeing the 9KM marker even made things difficult as I wasn't aware how slow I was doing.  Also, I was keeping tabs on how the other 10k racers are doing.  At some point, I saw a bunch of 10k participants going back.  I thought they already made a U-turn up ahead and seeing so many of them, it had a psychological impression that tons of runners has caught up on me and because of this it made things worse.  How?  Because of being competitive in nature.  Seeing hordes of 10k runners that passed me made me frustrated with myself.  All the hard and fast running that I did for the first 8 kilometers were now all gone and down the drain

I am now back at the Esplanade bridge and still didn't have a clue on how far (or near) I was from the finish line.  I've stopped from running again for the 2nd time as I felt so wasted.  Resting actually helped me to clear my head.  It made me realize that the runners I met along the road was actually from a wave of runners that has just been released from their corral.  I even saw the last batch of runners still waiting to be flagged off.  I continued to run or should I say I tried.  Since there's little strength left in me I can only managed to jog.  Hey, at least its better than walking.

The light at the end of tunnel.  Conquering a couple of hundred meters I saw the SCMS banner.  With that, I sprinted all the way towards it.  Big mistake!  It wasn't the finish line.  I got dismayed seeing that that there were more than 100 meters to go.  Since I used up all of my energy reserves, I couldn't sprint anymore
On the last turn, I finally saw the "real" finish line.  A few strides more, I could already see the elapsed time on the clock.  I already consumed 53 minutes.  Couldn't believe that I spent more than 13 minutes to cover 2 kilometers.  I wasn't happy with how I did.  Actually, I wasn't contented with my performance overall.  Was angry with myself.  I started to ask myself.  What happened to the several months of training?  What happened to logging in those kilometers.  What happened to all the hard work?  All I wanted at the time was to simply finish the race

December 5.  (Post-Race)  Finally crossed the finish line.  Grabbed a bottle of water and received my finisher's medal.
Stayed at the finish line area for a few minutes to see if I'd be able to spot Mitch (our official photographer).  Unfortunately I didn't saw her.  I decided to go back to my hotel for a quick shower and to get some rest.  Dropped by at the War Memorial Park to claim my bag.  Again, no long line.  While on my way, I still kept thinking that I could have at least pulled a sub-50.  I continued to review and simulate to what happened to the last 2 kilometers and that I should have done something different in order keep my pace for the remaining distance

In order to keep my mind away from my lackluster performance, I spent the rest of the afternoon visiting my favorite shops at Orchard and Somerset.  Grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt.  We flew out that night

December 6.  The race results came out the following day

Final thoughts.  "Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it"  Even though I wasn't able to hit my goal, I will continue to train harder and aim for my intended race pace.  My experience and lessons learned at SCMS2010 will always serve as a friendly reminder to keep me motivated

Happy holidays!  See you on the road


Monday, December 27, 2010

PSE Bull Run 2011

A week ago, I received an invite in my inbox
Absolute Traders will be at the PSE BullRun, in line with our commitment to teach interested people learn how to invest, trade and maximize opportunities in the stock market. AT supports this yearly activity by the PSE to generate awareness about the benefits of investing in the stock market, and spread awareness of the PSE as an instrument for economic development. When: Jan 9, 2011, Sunday Where: Fort Bonifacio Global City in Taguig Absolute Traders, together with our sponsors, will take care of the registration fee and the race kits. Members are absolutely free! Friends of members will only need to pay P200. Fill-up this online registration form and we'll take care of everything. Just show up on January 9 (we'll have a tent in the area), and bring food to share with the rest of the community
Unfortunately, I have already registered for a half-mary at Subic International Marathon.  If you find Subic a bit far, this is a very good alternative since it will be held in one of the premier running spots - The Fort/BGC

The PSE Bull Run: Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya is an annual running event organized by the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE), as part of its advocacy campaign to inform the people about the Philippine stock market. Megaworld Corporation is this year’s Bull Run title sponsor.

The PSE-Megaworld Bull Run has been envisioned to serve as one of PSE’s key marketing projects. This event aims not only to raise stock market awareness but also to promote camaraderie among PSE employees, listed companies and the trading participants.

Now in its 7th year, the 2011 edition of the PSE Bull Run: Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya will take place on Sunday, 09 January 2011, 5:00 a.m., at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

The Bull Run 2011 is organized by AdEvents Manila.

Participants can join any of the four PATAFA-sanctioned competitive categories: the 3K, 5K, 10K and 16K races. Male and female winners in each category will receive cash prizes and trophies, with all participants getting a chance to win prizes in a raffle draw at the end of the races.

Expected participants include corporation magnates, government officials, stockbrokers, members of the academe, running enthusiasts and ordinary citizens. PSE expects 6,000 runners this year

Registration Fee
Race kit includes timing chip, runner’s jersey, race bib, route map and finisher’s bag

Registration Sites
* PSE Ayala, 2/F PSE Plaza, Ayala Avenue, Makati City
      (December 6 to 23, 2010 or until supplies last, 12:00 NN to 7:00 PM)
* AdEvents Manila, 73 William Shaw Street, Barangay 87, Caloocan City
      (December 1, 2010 or until supplies last, 12:00 NN to 7:00 PM)
* Chris Sports Glorietta 3 (818-6136 and 818-6124)
* Chris Sports Megamall (633-4946 and 633-1659)
* Chris Sports SM North Annex (441-1075 and 441-1889)
    * Chris Sports Ever Gotesco Caloocan (363-3738 and 366-1152)

Online Registration
0 Register here
1 Fill out registration form clearly. Indicate complete delivery address to avoid losses. If living in a condominium, instruct lobby guards to accept package upon delivery.
2 Pay thru BPI S/A 4089 0189 49, with account name MAR SPORTS & EVENTS CONSULTANCY. Delivery charge is (P70.00). One pack can accommodate up to FIVE registrants. For one to five registrants, pay P70.00 only. Provincial deliveries will be confirmed upon receipt of order.
3 Fax registration form and deposit slip through 364-6201 or 363-0357.
4 Call or send an SMS through (0918) 4674206 for confirmation. Packs will be delivered at your door.
5 Orders with unsigned waivers and no contact number will not be processed.
6 Write your e-mail address clearly.

Registration Form
Download here


Race Map

Rules and Guidelines
1 A non-refundable entry fee of Four Hundred Fifty Pesos (P450.00) must accompany each duly signed form for the 3K/5K/10K/16K division. Registration starts on December 1, 2010. Jersey will be given upon registration.
2 Deadline for registration will be strictly followed on 03 January 2011, 5:00 PM, or UNTIL SUPPLIES LAST.
3 Any misrepresentation is valid ground for disqualification. The organizer reserves the right to verify all submitted information and to reject or disqualify any entry at its discretion. Protests should be accompanied by evidence and filed in writing within thirty (30) minutes after the race.
4 Special prizes will be given to the biggest delegation with a minimum of 25 runners per group. There will be three divisions: a. running club division, b. stockbroker division and, c. listed company division.
5 Special prizes will also be given to the 16K team category winners with a minimum of 25 runners per group in the running club division, stockbroker division and, listed company division

Team Competition
Special prizes will also be given to the 16K team category winners with 25 runners per group. The group with the best aggregate time will be declared the winner in the running club division, stockbroker division and, listed company division.
To qualify, duly accomplished entries must be submitted altogether by the group. The group must clearly mark the division they are joining at the top of the registration form

Thank you Absolute Traders for the invite!

Race Results
Get it here


Thursday, December 23, 2010

adiNation of Runners: UP Diliman Campus

Since I've acquired my passport at Trinoma several weeks ago, I've been trying to catch up to the adiNation group but the 630PM call time was just too early for me.  My work schedule ends by 6PM and it was virtually impossible to arrive on or before the said time.  Even though I am only 11 kilometers away but going through EDSA is always an ordeal and will usually take me eons before getting to UP

Last Tuesday, I was (finally!) able to join the adiNation:UP.  I clocked out at exactly 6PM, with the Christmas rush going all over the metro, luckily I arrived by 650PM - til now I still can't believe that I was only averaging 13 km per hour.  With a few minutes left, I jogged from Palma parking lot going to Ang Bahay ng Alumni

By the time I got there, the briefing and warm up was over.  And a group of runners has already left.  I immediately approached Rene and he asked me if I was 'intermediate' or 'advance'.  I couldn't give a straight answer since it was my first time.  Nick intervened, somehow recognized me, and gave the GO signal that I will be running with the 'advance' group

Scared at first, since in my books, I know I should be with the intermediate runners.  In addition, I didn't have any idea what was coming - the route we were to take, the distance, and the pace.  I just told to myself that I will try to hold on as long as I can and will try to enjoy it as much as possible

Heartbreak Hill.  Our group went to the street besides Bahay ng Alumni then turned right at Juan Luna.  For the most part, it was dark and a little bit scary.  It was also troublesome since I cannot clearly see the path that I was running and thinking that I might step on a stone.  A few meters more then I saw a steep incline.  Without missing a beat, I concluded that this could be the "heartbreak" hill - 100 meters long that climbs up to 20 feet.  The next thing I knew, some of the guys were sprinting their way up.  Was tempted to do the same but since I don't have any idea how far we were running that night, I took it with light strides

We turned right at Gomburza.  While running along the said street, we saw some stalls where they were selling various items.  I guess this is the tiangge section of UP.  And before I realized we were at the UP College of Law and about the hit the UP Acad Oval

4'40".  We were cruising the oval and our pacer was constantly checking how fast (or slow) we were going.  If we were going too fast, he would prompt us to slow down.  At the same time, I was checking my BPM and seems everything is in check since after the 1st round, my heart rate was in Zone 4. The 2nd and 3rd run was a bit different.  It kinda felt the adrenaline was high and hovering over our heads, that it seemed we were doing a controlled sprint most of the time.  There was even a brief moment when we registered 4'40"/km.  Without knowing what was our intended pace, I didn't have any clue if we were off by gazillions or if we were running too slow.  I initially assumed that we were to hit at least 5'30" but to find out later (overheard) that the agreed pace was 6 minutes per kilometer.  Nonetheless, it was a good run even with the fact that my left calf muscle was contracting and was bordering on getting a cramp

Passport.  When we finished our round, we took the same route going back to Bahay ng Alumni when we were going out (Guerrero then Gomburza then Juan Luna).  We were the first group to arrive.  I decided to go back to the parking lot first to grab my drink.  Coming back to the venue, I saw the other runners and signing up their names at the attendance sheet and having their passports stamped.  Since I left my passport at the office, I just ended up with the attendance sheet and (hopefully) get my stamp by next week

Cool down.  Besides having a nice session, this is also a good opportunity of meeting other fellow runners and build new friendship.  Besides Nick, I also met Nette (netcas28).  I will be looking forward to meeting other enthusiasts in the future.  The meet-up ended with a nice set of static stretching exercises

Joining the group is FREE.  The adiNation of Runners (aNR) is adidas’ running community that has set up running clubs in various parts of the metro since the beginning of the year, offering a host of benefits and privileges to running enthusiasts. It is designed to make runners to hit the pavement, keep up with their individual running goals and achieve their personal bests at local races

The aNR is not a running clinic but a weekly group run where you can meet and mingle with fellow runners.  It's a venue where you can share your goals and find running buddies who will be training for similar events
Group Day Time Location Leader
Ayala Tuesday 7:00 PM Ayala Makati Gardens BongZ, Ellen
Alabang Tuesday 7:00 PM Madrigal Business Park/FGU Jinoe, Nao
UP Diliman Tuesday 6:30 PM Bahay ng Alumni Rene, Ellen
Ortigas Wednesday 7:30 PM Pearl Drive/UA&P Luis
Mall of Asia Wednesday 7:00 PM SM iMAX Theater Mar, Cindy
Bonifacio High Street Thursday 7:30 PM ROX Parking Side Marvs, Carina, Quennie
Ortigas Friday 7:00 PM Tiendesitas Rodel

Terms and Conditions
1 Membership privileges valid only on presentation of individual passport
2 This passport and its privileges are non-transferrable
3 Upon loss of membership passport, runners must re-apply for membership.  Cards can be re-issued by club leaders, upon collection of newly completed indemnity form
4 Special offers are limited and valid while stocks last
5 In the event of bad weather, the cancellation of running sessions will be up to the club leader's discretion

(heartbreak hill image courtesy of

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Subic International Marathon: My First In 2011

If Run4Change was my last race for 2010, Subic International Marathon would be my first for 2011. I am starting the new year with a 21 kilometer race. With 3 weeks left to train, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to finish it within 2 hours

Last year, the event was held at SCTEX. This was actually one of the reasons why I joined this race. However, they are changing their venue. The event will take place in Subic Bay with Remy Field as its start and finish line.  Perhaps SCTEX is more expensive and so as not to hurt the pockets of runners who'd be joining they opted otherwise.  I hope that they will still consider it on their future races

Why would be your reasons to join?
* Internationally endorsed race course
* Most gorgeous 42k race course ( greens, lush)
* Safe, clean, and a lot of fresh air
* Rest facilities in the race course on every turn-around point for the 5, 10, 21 and 42k race
* RFID Accurate Timing System
* Hydrating stations  are committed: every 1.5 km
* Full support from the communities around the race course
* Full medical support in cases of emergency

Registration Details
You can register through the following:
1 Chris Sports SM Megamall, 2nd Level, Bldg B
2 Chris Sports SM Mall of Asia, 2nd Level, Main Mall
3 Chris Sports SM Annex (North Edsa), 3rd Level
4 Chris Sports Glorietta 3 outlets
5 Subic Residencias, 27 Magsaysay Drive Olongapo City

You may register online as well

Registration Form
Download here

Registration Fee, Assembly Time, Gun Start
Race Category Registration Fee Online Registration Assembly Time Gun Start
42k PHP 650 USD 14.90 4:00AM 4:30AM
21k PHP 650 USD 14.90 4:30AM 5:00AM
10k PHP 550 USD 12.60 5:30AM 6:00AM
5k PHP 150 USD 3.50 4:00AM 4:30AM
3k PHP 150 USD 3.50 4:00AM 4:30AM

Race Map
42k (full marathon) race map
42k elevation profile

21k (half-marathon) race map

10k race map

5k race map

3k race map

Bayfront Hotel & Restaurant (starts at PHP 3,100.00)
Camayan Beach Resort (starts at PHP 4,950.00)
Court Meridian Hotel and Suites (starts at PHP 3,080.00)
RK Hotel (starts at PHP 2,880.00)
Subic Park Hotel (starts at PHP 2,100.00)

As the accommodation partner for Subic International Marathon (SIM) 2011, Philippine Hotel Reservations Service has secured rooms at SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for SIM participants, so make your reservations now before rooms run out!

Race Organizer
Eric Imperio/eXtribe
Office: (+63 2) 438-9021
Mobile:(+63) 922-8196671

Run towards a God-centred, service-oriented and family-based communities


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inov-8 Evoskin

More and more in the shoe industry are coming out with products that cater to barefoot/minimalist runners.  Inov-8, makers of off-road running shoes, also joined the barefoot bandwagon and gives us Evoskin.  It wasn't immediately accepted when the prototype came out.  A lot of the questions revolve on how it will handle sweaty feet.  Some even said, its a rip-off from VFF's design.  It also got snickered.  I mean just take a good look at 'em.  You'll know what I mean

If sweaty (and stinky) feet isn't part of your vocabulary, this babies (in my opinion) will give you the best ground feedback you'd ever get from a minimalist footwear and could potentially be one of the best if not the best

Before it hit the shelves, see a glimpse on how it'll look like on your feet

Inov-8 Evoskin will come in two colors: SMOKE and BLUE

Since it is still in development phase, I am expecting that Inov-8 will address the breathability issues.  At 3.5 ounces each, this is something worth looking forward to.  It is expected to come out in summer of next year and will retail around $60. 

About Inov-8
Based in "England’s last Wilderness", the North Pennines, inov-8™ is a British company that’s passionate about specialist off-road running and extreme sports products
The team is made up of experts with proven track records in the footwear fields of Sports, Mountaineering, Marine, Outdoor and Industrial design and development. This linked with a strong bio-mechanics input, coupled with a test team of elite athletes in the Mountain Sports environment gives inov-8 the creative culture for next generation products

(images courtesy by gear caster and runner's world)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ironman 70.3 Philippines

The 2011 Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines is now open for registration! Brace yourself for another round of exciting, challenging and memorable triathlon on August 14, 2011 at Camarines Sur!
This year, we’ve made the event even better and more exciting! We’ve got more participants; more relay teams and a more challenging race course! And that’s not all! Since we learned about your need to be trained even harder for this event, we tapped the Ironman Champion himself, Coach Lance Watson to give a unique and riveting 5-day training camp to those interested.  The camp is from February 25 – March 1, 2011.  Registration fee is at Php38,000 or USD895.00

The Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines is a World Triathlon Corporation sanctioned event and entitles winners to slots for the World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunday, August 14, 2011 6:30 a.m
CamSur, Philippines

Registration Details
Register online and pay with credit card

Registration Fee
Early Bird Registration - Entry Fee (December 1, 2010 - January 31, 2011)
• Local Participants - USD200.00 (without option to refund)
• International Participants - USD200.00 (with option to refund)
• Relay - USD300.00 (without option to refund)

Regular Registration - Entry Fee (February 1 - May 31, 2011)
• Local Participants - USD250.00 (with option to refund)
• International Participants - USD250.00 (with option to refund)
• Relay - USD350.00 (with option to refund) 

Definition of Terms
Local Participants - Those that are residing in the Philippines.
International Participants - Those that are residing outside the Philippines.
Relay - A group of 3 competitors can form teams consisting of all male, all female or mixed regardless of nationality under a collegiate or corporate set up

Withdrawal Policy
Sunrise Events Inc is committed to bring you the Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines, a World Triathlon sanctioned event to be held at the Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC) which entitles winners to slots for the World Championships in Clearwater, Florida.

If you have to withdraw from the Ironman 70.3 Philippines competition, please read carefully our Withdrawal Policy and remember that Withdrawals will only be accepted in writing.

Sunrise Events will only accept withdrawal until May 15, 2011

80% of registration may be refunded by Feb. 28, 2011.

For hotel bookings, the withdrawing competitor will get a Forty Percent (40%) refund of the actual cost. Food reservation will be refunded in full.

Please inform Sunrise Events Inc of your intention to withdraw in writing either by post or email. Postal address is 6/F Corinthian Plaza, 121 Paseo de Roxas Street, 1203 Makati City, Philippines. 
Telephone and verbal messages will not be accepted

Need A Place To Stay?
The Camarines Watersports Complex (CWC) - fully booked
The Avenue Plaza Hotel
Naga Regent Hotel
Villa Caceres Hotel
Naga Manor
CBD Plaza Hotel

Ironman 70.3 Philippines Rules
Get it here

For questions regarding the race and the training camp, please email


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Condura Skyway Marathon 2011

Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 Race Results
Download PDF 42K Official Race Results
Download PDF 21K Official Race Results
Download PDF 16K Official Race Results
Download PDF 10K Official Race Results
Download PDF 5K Official Race Results
Download PDF 3K Official Race Results

Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 Photo Gallery

There has been a lot of rave reviews about this race. It seems this is one of the most anticipated event of the running community. With that, I'd be signing up for another half-mary to test my mettle. I'd be able to run through Skyway and also help in dolphin protection.  How cool is that! A factor that you may need to consider before signing up -- registration fee. You'll understand soon enough

Registration Details
Cash Payment Option
Step 1 : Fill-up the e-Reg form
Step 2 : You will receive your e-Reg form via e-mail in a few minutes. Print and sign the e-Reg form.
Step 3 : Go to the Express lane of Condura Skyway Marathon Registration Center in Greenbelt 3 starting on Tuesday December 14. Pay the registration fee and claim the race packet and dri-fit technical shirt.
For cash payments – registration closes on January 31, 2011

Card Payment Option
Step 1 : Fill-up the e-Reg form.
Step 2 : You will receive your e-Reg form via e-mail in a few minutes.
Step 3 : Pay your registration fees by completing the credit card transaction using our online payment gateway. Upon completing the process, you will receive a confirmation email which will serve as your final Registration Receipt. Race packet and dri-fit technical shirt will be delivered to the address you specified.
For online credit card transactions – registration closes on January 22, 2011

Important reminders :
* Registration is confirmed only upon payment of race fees. Receipt of e-Reg form via email does not guarantee a slot in the Condura Skyway Marathon.
* To check if you are officially registered, please go to athlete’s info

* Registration is non cancellable and fees are non refundable.
* Registration is non-transferrable.
* Once fees are paid, changes in registration will not be accepted. Downgrade and upgrade of race categories are not permitted.
* Registration closes on January 31, 2011. However, each race category has a limited number of slots available and may close earlier than the deadline if the limit is reached.
* Dri-fit technical shirts will be provided to all 12,000 runners. Size availability is NOT GUARANTEED and will be on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis.
* While there are registration terminals in the Center in Greenbelt 3, these come in limited number. Interested participants are encouraged to use the electronic registration form.
* Registration and race kit claim is from December 14, 2010 up to January 31, 2011.
* Online registration closes on 22 January 2011.

Registration Fee and Inclusions
Race Category 42k 21k 16k 10k 5k 3k
Local Registration Fees PHP1,250 PHP1,150 PHP1,050 PHP950 PHP750 PHP550
International Registration Fees USD$70 USD$60 USD$40 USD$25 USD$20 USD$15
Finishers Medal 3 inches 2.5 inches 2 inches 2 inches 2 inches 2 inches
DriFit Techical Shirt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
D-Tag Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed P50 Donation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Slots 1200 1600 1500 3500 3000 1200
100Plus loot bag Yes Yes No No No No
Coors Light Beer Yes Yes No No No No
RFM loot bag Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hersheys Chocolate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

All runners are entitled to a 15% discount on the Asics fall and winter collection

More GIVEAWAYS in the booths of the following SPONSORS :
1. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars
2. Century Tuna
3. Cenovis Joint Guard
4. Lactacyd
5. Ponds
6. Clear

Race Shirt / Singlet

Shirt Measurement (in inches)
Sizes Shoulders Chest (all around) Shirt Length Sleeve Length
XXS 14 32 22 6.5
XS 16 36 24 7
Small 17 38 25 7
Medium 18 40 26 8
Large 19 42 26 9
XL 20 44 28 9
XXL 21 45 29 9
* Shirt are subject to stock availability and sizes are not guaranteed.
* Shirt sizes will be given based on a first come, first served basis.
* Shirts once released cannot be changed.

Race Bib and Shirt Redemption
* For local participants paying in CASH, redemption is in the Condura Skyway Registration Center, Greenbelt 3 beginning on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14
* For local participants paying via CREDIT CARD, race bib and shirt will be mailed to your preferred address via Air 21. Please note that this is subject to delivery charges and credit card processing fees.
* For international participants paying via CREDIT CARD, race bib and shirt will be claimed at the Asics Store in Greenbelt 3. Redemption begins on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14 up to MONDAY, JANUARY 31.

Finisher's Medal

Race Route Map (42k, 21k, 16k, 10k, 5k, 3k)

Start and Finish Point, Assembly Time, Gun Start
Race Category Start Finish Assembly Time Gun Start Bib Color
42k Bonifacio Global City Bonifacio Global City 3:00 AM 3:30 AM Yellow
21k Ayala Triangle Bonifacio Global City 4:00 AM 4:30 AM Brown
16k Ayala Triangle Bonifacio Global City 4:30 AM 5:00 AM Orange
10k Ayala Triangle Bonifacio Global City 5:00 AM 5:30 AM Blue
5k Bonifacio Global City Bonifacio Global City 5:30 AM 6:00 AM Red
3k Bonifacio Global City Bonifacio Global City 6:00 AM 6:30 AM Green

When Two Become One
* There will be 2 starting lines and 1 finish line to enable more runners to run on the skyway and to better manage runner and vehicular traffic.
* Starting line no. 1 will be at the Bonifacio Global City (7th street corner 28th Ave) for the 3km, 5km and 42km race
* Starting line no. 2 will be at Ayala Triangle. (Ayala Avenue East bound lane – in front of tower 1) for the 10km, 16km and 21km race category

Corral and Timing
* To further manage runner traffic and in order to avoid congestion, we are implementing a wave starting system for the 10km, 16km and 21km race category starting at Ayala triangle.
* The race category will be divided into waves of 500 runners that will be released in approximately 2 minute intervals.
* Your wave is indicated on the upper left hand side of your race bib and is marked by a letter. Go to the start corral and look for the designated letter.
* For instance — if you are letter A, go to the start corral and look for the sign with the letterA
* No need to worry about your time as we are using the D-TAG timing and you will see your NET time – which is based on the time your crossed the STARTING LINE.

How about for 5k runners?
* To further manage runner traffic and in order to avoid congestion, we are implementing a clustered start for the 5km race category.
* Runners shall be released in clusters, separated by race marshalls.
* No need to worry about your time as we are using the D-TAG timing chip and you will see your NET time – which is based from the time your crossed the STARTING LINE

Water Stations, Medic, Safety
* Water stations will be no more than 1.5 km apart.
* 100 plus will be served in some water stations.
* Sponges will be provided.
* Water fountain will be made available.
* will set-up an aid station.
* Medics and ambulances will be stationed in strategic areas.

For the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011, the advocacy toward dolphin protection remains. Initiatives this time will be focused on scientific research, which results can be used as framework for sound programs and policies on dolphin watching at par with international standards. Aiming to exceed funds generated in the previous years, this follow-through aims to yield more opportunities in making Bohol a notable example of world-class eco-tourism destination

Baggage Check in
* Ayala avenue start (10km, 16km, 21km) – Runners can check in their baggage at the Ayala triangle start. This will be transported to the Bonifacio Global City finish line.
* Bonifacio Global City Baggage check in will be provided at the Bonifacio Global City


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