Thursday, December 2, 2010

1st Annual Philippines Barefoot Run Clinic 2010

First, we saw minimalist shoes from giant shoe makers.  Last October, we had the 1st annual New York City barefoot run and a few days from now, India will host the world's 1st barefoot half-marathon.  With a lot of activities going on, barefoot running is definitely here to stay

And to sweeten the deal, Terra Plana hosted the 1st annual barefoot clinic in the Philippines
In the week of November 29, 2010 to December 4, 2010, the 1st Annual Run Barefoot 2010 makes its debut in three key cities: Manila, Cebu and Singapore.

In this first ever outreach to barefoot runners in Southeast Asia, each stop of the 3-city swing features an intimate barefoot clinic with the founders of Jessica Lee and Michael Sandler (best selling author with a new book dedicated to barefoot running – aptly titled Barefoot Running). Each clinic will engage participants through an interactive 30-45 minute session, which will then transition into an actual barefoot run within the clinic grounds
I was very lucky that I was able to sign up in this one of a kind learning experience.  I actually missed the initial announcement made by Barefoot Running Philippines.  When I learned about it, the first 50 slots was already taken.  Good thing, Terra Plana Philippines was kind enough to open a few more and I was able to secure a seat

To be honest, the day before the clinic, my excitement dwindled down because of my constant tiredness for the past week.  I really did not want to wake up early as I was craving for a lot of sleep.  I told myself that if my 5AM alarm won't wake me up then so be it.  I'll just deal with the fact that I'd be missing a rare and unique opportunity

Come Monday morning, my alarm went off and got snoozed for the next 30 minutes.  Was lying in my bed, awake and staring the ceiling.  Checked my watch.  It was already 5:30AM.  I was thinking.  Should I go or should I just get the ZZZZZ that I badly needed?

By 6:31AM, I found myself yawning in the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia

What made me to bring myself up?  Like I said, the clinic is a once in a blue moon opportunity especially for us Pinoys who is into barefoot running.  To think that two notable barefooters will be flying in to Manila and talk about barefoot running.  I'd also have the chance to interact and personally ask Michael and Jessie some questions

I've been into minimalist/barefoot running for several months already and been exposed to a lot of articles about it.  The 1.5hr session gave me new insights and a lot of information to chew on.  Overall, it was a great experience.  I was so happy that I forced myself out of bed and attended the clinic

Here's Redg introducing Michael and Jessie

You can see me here *cough* actively *cough* listening

Michael talks about how regular shoes affects our gait and biomechanics

Session was about to start. Michael asked us to go bare feet

Golf ball aka toe strengthening device

Grab. Grab. Grab

Jessica keenly observes the participants

Checking the "chicken wings"

Michael corrects my form

Getting ready to "run light and free"

"Problem" with motion control shoes

Got bunions? Jessica shows how to steer away from it

Roll your way from pain

The "stick" to massage sore muscles

"Is barefoot running here to stay?"

Couldn't miss a photo-op.  Michael, Jessie, and "The Caveman";)

After the clinic, a book signing was held at Fully Booked
Asking if the beads holds some kind of special "barefoot" power

Grabbed a copy and had it signed.  Thank you Michael!  Thank you Jessie!

Finally, thank you Terra Plana Philippines! Thank you Barefoot Running Philippines!

(some images courtesy of Terra Plana and Barefoot Running Philippines)


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