Thursday, December 23, 2010

adiNation of Runners: UP Diliman Campus

Since I've acquired my passport at Trinoma several weeks ago, I've been trying to catch up to the adiNation group but the 630PM call time was just too early for me.  My work schedule ends by 6PM and it was virtually impossible to arrive on or before the said time.  Even though I am only 11 kilometers away but going through EDSA is always an ordeal and will usually take me eons before getting to UP

Last Tuesday, I was (finally!) able to join the adiNation:UP.  I clocked out at exactly 6PM, with the Christmas rush going all over the metro, luckily I arrived by 650PM - til now I still can't believe that I was only averaging 13 km per hour.  With a few minutes left, I jogged from Palma parking lot going to Ang Bahay ng Alumni

By the time I got there, the briefing and warm up was over.  And a group of runners has already left.  I immediately approached Rene and he asked me if I was 'intermediate' or 'advance'.  I couldn't give a straight answer since it was my first time.  Nick intervened, somehow recognized me, and gave the GO signal that I will be running with the 'advance' group

Scared at first, since in my books, I know I should be with the intermediate runners.  In addition, I didn't have any idea what was coming - the route we were to take, the distance, and the pace.  I just told to myself that I will try to hold on as long as I can and will try to enjoy it as much as possible

Heartbreak Hill.  Our group went to the street besides Bahay ng Alumni then turned right at Juan Luna.  For the most part, it was dark and a little bit scary.  It was also troublesome since I cannot clearly see the path that I was running and thinking that I might step on a stone.  A few meters more then I saw a steep incline.  Without missing a beat, I concluded that this could be the "heartbreak" hill - 100 meters long that climbs up to 20 feet.  The next thing I knew, some of the guys were sprinting their way up.  Was tempted to do the same but since I don't have any idea how far we were running that night, I took it with light strides

We turned right at Gomburza.  While running along the said street, we saw some stalls where they were selling various items.  I guess this is the tiangge section of UP.  And before I realized we were at the UP College of Law and about the hit the UP Acad Oval

4'40".  We were cruising the oval and our pacer was constantly checking how fast (or slow) we were going.  If we were going too fast, he would prompt us to slow down.  At the same time, I was checking my BPM and seems everything is in check since after the 1st round, my heart rate was in Zone 4. The 2nd and 3rd run was a bit different.  It kinda felt the adrenaline was high and hovering over our heads, that it seemed we were doing a controlled sprint most of the time.  There was even a brief moment when we registered 4'40"/km.  Without knowing what was our intended pace, I didn't have any clue if we were off by gazillions or if we were running too slow.  I initially assumed that we were to hit at least 5'30" but to find out later (overheard) that the agreed pace was 6 minutes per kilometer.  Nonetheless, it was a good run even with the fact that my left calf muscle was contracting and was bordering on getting a cramp

Passport.  When we finished our round, we took the same route going back to Bahay ng Alumni when we were going out (Guerrero then Gomburza then Juan Luna).  We were the first group to arrive.  I decided to go back to the parking lot first to grab my drink.  Coming back to the venue, I saw the other runners and signing up their names at the attendance sheet and having their passports stamped.  Since I left my passport at the office, I just ended up with the attendance sheet and (hopefully) get my stamp by next week

Cool down.  Besides having a nice session, this is also a good opportunity of meeting other fellow runners and build new friendship.  Besides Nick, I also met Nette (netcas28).  I will be looking forward to meeting other enthusiasts in the future.  The meet-up ended with a nice set of static stretching exercises

Joining the group is FREE.  The adiNation of Runners (aNR) is adidas’ running community that has set up running clubs in various parts of the metro since the beginning of the year, offering a host of benefits and privileges to running enthusiasts. It is designed to make runners to hit the pavement, keep up with their individual running goals and achieve their personal bests at local races

The aNR is not a running clinic but a weekly group run where you can meet and mingle with fellow runners.  It's a venue where you can share your goals and find running buddies who will be training for similar events
Group Day Time Location Leader
Ayala Tuesday 7:00 PM Ayala Makati Gardens BongZ, Ellen
Alabang Tuesday 7:00 PM Madrigal Business Park/FGU Jinoe, Nao
UP Diliman Tuesday 6:30 PM Bahay ng Alumni Rene, Ellen
Ortigas Wednesday 7:30 PM Pearl Drive/UA&P Luis
Mall of Asia Wednesday 7:00 PM SM iMAX Theater Mar, Cindy
Bonifacio High Street Thursday 7:30 PM ROX Parking Side Marvs, Carina, Quennie
Ortigas Friday 7:00 PM Tiendesitas Rodel

Terms and Conditions
1 Membership privileges valid only on presentation of individual passport
2 This passport and its privileges are non-transferrable
3 Upon loss of membership passport, runners must re-apply for membership.  Cards can be re-issued by club leaders, upon collection of newly completed indemnity form
4 Special offers are limited and valid while stocks last
5 In the event of bad weather, the cancellation of running sessions will be up to the club leader's discretion

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ella said...


just want to ask if there's a runners' group in UP D? Please reply asap po. Thanks po. I badly need a contact.

Daves said...

hi ella

you may want to join the adination group. they usually have their runs on tuesdays. look for rene (head coach)

another prominent group in the area is six:30. here's their page in fb (

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