Tuesday, January 4, 2011

STEM Footwear: Primitive Performance Technology

No arch support.  No heel cushioning.  No stability or motion control.  No cramped toe box.  These are the things that Stem Footwear believes in.  Exactly what I want from a pair of shoes

More and more are coming out with minimalist footwear and another company is joining the bandwagon. That means good news for us consumers as we will have more options to choose from.  The product lineup is expected to come out by 3rd quarter of this year.  Hope its not too late as Merrell's barefoot collection and Minimus from New Balance will be coming out on the 1st quarter.  Not unless they have a unique value proposition for minimalist/barefoot runners wants

What can we expect?
- Minimalist design
- Lightweight (6.3 oz)
- Toe splay roominess (dubbed as STEM fit)
- Enhanced ground feel
- 6mm thin sole

Now onto the shoes (SRP: $89.99)


Personal Note:  I am bit skeptical about their product especially with a 6mm sole that claims an enhanced ground feel.  Six millimeters isn't exactly what you'd call "thin".  In addition, there's not much information going on in their website so we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for a 3rd party review


Anonymous said...

Hi! Where can we buy Stem footwear in Manila? thank you

Daves said...

hi! i've been going around but haven't seen a pair. will keep everyone updated as soon as it hits our shores =)

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