Monday, February 28, 2011

Runrio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night

Runrio, Inc., in its desire to give honor to all runners who have successfully participated in and completed the longest distances in all three legs of the Runrio Trilogy 2010 is holding a prestigous event, its first ever Runrio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night

Lights, Camera, Run! – The Runrio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night will be held on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at six o’clock in the evening (6:00pm) with Decagon Silver City (corner Frontera Drive and Julia Vargas Ave.,Frontera Verde, Pasig City) as the venue

Who Are Invited To Attend?
All runners who have successfully completed the Runrio Trilogy 2010 by running the following categories are automatically invited to attend this prestigous gathering:

21km at the Runrio Trilogy 2010 Leg 1 : The Century Superbods Run
21km at the Runrio Trilogy 2010 Leg 2: The Nature Valley Run
32km (Afroman Distance) at the Runrio Trilogy 2010 Leg 3: The Unilab Run United 2

Check the official list here. If you don't see your name, kindly email for your records to be verified and the list updated

They, together with Runrio’s valued friends, will have a fun night of get-together with chit-chat, food and drinks to share, plus of course, the Awards to be given to all Runrio Trilogy 2010 “longest distance finishers”.

Are you going?  See you there!


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