Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saucony Hattori: Protection Without Correction

It is expected to come out on May 1

This year is going to be an excited one for barefoot and minimalist runners.  Shoe giants like New Balance and Merrell will be brining out new products this year.  Saucony will also support the minimalist movement by offering a zero-drop, 10mm midsole height, 4.4 oz shoe by May.  However, New Balance Minimus will be coming out 2 months earlier so it might hurt sales for Saucony.  Hattori is expected to be retailed at $80. 
The upper feels light, flexible and comfortable.  The same goes for its sole.  However, I wish they'd made it thinner.  Say 2mm at least.  For me, 10mm is still thick and takes away any ground feel.  On the other hand, its good to know that there's no height difference between toe and heel height.  The only thing I am worried about the shoe is its toe box.  Feels narrow in my opinion.  And you know how important it is to allow toe splay
Hattori has 2 velcro straps, one across the midfoot and across the heal.  And, get this, it comes in 10 different colors - 5 for men and 5 for women
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Anonymous said...

Nice try saucony

Anonymous said...

I picked up a pair at the boston marathon expo. Running them has been AMAZING!! my calves were a little sore the next day because i'm not used to running in a 0 heel/toe drop shoe, but after a couple runs it's been awesome. I got the Kinvara a while back and it's been my 'go-to' shoe...the hattori is making it hard for me to go back to the Kinvara!! My advice...start slow, work them into your week. Your body will need time to adjust.

nice job Saucony!

Daves said...

were you able to try them on your speedwork? were the velcro straps able to firmly secure the shoe?

Anonymous said...

How do I go about ordering these shoes

Anonymous said...

I had a pair I liked them but I didn't know that they run small I want to buy some more how can I order some

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