Monday, March 28, 2011

Hyundai Fun Run 2011

Race Results can be found here
Race Photos can be downloaded here
My short Race Review here
Hyundai is extending the CLAIMING period!

Where: Hyundai Headquarters (KPMG Center, 6787 Ayala Avenue Makati City)
When: April 1, 2011 (10:00am- 7:00pm)
Remember: Bring all necessary requirements such as photocopy of valid ID with photo and signature, fully-accomplished registration form, signed new waiver (with signed authorization letter and photocopy of representative's valid ID if claiming through a representative)

When it rains, it pours.  This is exactly what happened to Hyundai's Run For A Cause 2011.  Just a few days since its inception, the maximum number of participants has been met and even exceeded.  As a lot of runners registered to this FREE fun run.  It even caused the online registration to crash due to the enormous demand

From what we heard from the grapevine, there are at least 24,000 runners who will show up this coming Saturday.  This is more than the intended 500 participants that Hyundai originally wanted.  As of this posting, the additional slots they opened up last Friday are all gone

What: Hyundai Fun Run 2011
When: April 2, 2011 (Saturday)
Where: Quirino Grandstand (originally Bonifacio Global City)
Beneficiary: Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation (GK-CSI), St. Scholastica's Priory, Habitat for Humanity, and Haribon Foundation

Category, Assembly Time and Gun Start
10k - 4:30am - 5:00am
10k Gunstart for Wave A:     5:00 AM
10k Gunstart for Wave B:     5:10 AM
10k Gunstart for Wave C:     5:20 AM

  5k - 5:30am - 6:00am
  5k Gunstart for Wave D:     6:00 AM
  5k Gunstart for Wave E:     6:10 AM
  5k Gunstart for Wave F:     6:20 AM
  5k Gunstart for Wave G:     6:30 AM
  5k Gunstart for Wave H:     6:40 AM 

Singlet Design

You can claim your race pack (singlet and bib number) from March 29 until March 31 (10am - 6pm) from Hyundai HQ/Makati,  Hyundai Quezon City, Hyundai Global City, Hyundai Alabang, and Second Wind Ortigas.  Please bring a filled up registration form and a signed waiver

 Because Hyundai had to prematurely close the registration, they inadvertently made the waiver inaccessible.  Good thing, they made the website available again so we can now get the registration form together with the waiver (the direct link is -->

You may key-in your reference number (this was sent to your email) or by your name (first and last) together with your birthdate

You may also download a copy of the waiver by clicking here

Like I said earlier, there are at least 24,000 runners who registered for the fun run. And to be honest, this is a huge amount of participants on a single event.  As a comparison , RUNRIO races has a maximum cap of 10,000~12,000 runners

What do you need to know
1 Venue has changed.  From BGC toQuirino Grandstand.  I suspect that this is to accommodate the large number of runners
2 They will be implementing different gun starts.  This is to control the number of participants running at the same time and also for the marshals to be able to provide proper attention to the runners
3 There will be NO race results.  This fun run comes with an RFID timing strip
4 This is a FUN run and NOT a race
5 There is Hyundai Village where they will showcase their cars and is available for a test drive.  I do hope Genesis will be among one of them.  I want to drive that
6 Race packs of registrants who have successfully submitted their entries starting March 24, 2011 shall be claimed only at the Hyundai Headquarters
7 There will be photo coverage by

Race Map / Race Route

Race Bib


Irvin said...

ayos! wave A.

Daves said...

irvin, unfortunately that's not my bib but a friend's. i am still about to get mine this afternoon. see you there! :)

Daves said...

please see my race review on how to get your race result :)

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