Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Review] 5th Vibram FiveFingers Fun Run

Since last night, I've been thinking on where to spend my Sunday morning.  I usually have my long and slow distance run together with my buddy Jake at BGC.  Then there's the 5th Vibram FiveFingers Fun Run in Mall of Asia.  I already fell asleep and no decision was made

Woke up around 3:50am and gave it a few minutes of pondering.  I finally gave in to the urge of joining the barefoot running community for a 5k fun run.  Took a cab and arrived no later than 6am in the parking lot adjacent to iMax.  There were a handful of barefoot and minimalist runners already.  Signed my name up and asked if there's a baggage area.  There was NONE!  "I need to be creative here", I said to myself

I was about to go to a coffee shop and plead them to have my things stored, like a bright light on a dark sky, I saw Dindo.  He was gracious enough to accommodate my stuff in his trunk.  I went back to where the group congregated and waited for further instructions

A few minutes has passed, ultramarathoner Ronald Declarador and Cherry Ermita (Vibram) asked us to gather around and proceeded in giving some welcome remarks and the purpose of the fun run.  We were then sub-divided into two groups depending on the distance we will cover for the day

The 5km group, where I was in, was initially paced by Ronald with an agreed 8 minutes/km.  He was held up with the head of security so another person had to take his place, and we continued with our run.  In the first kilometer we were keeping a 5 mins 30 secs/km pace.  Our pacer asked us to back down a bit since we were running a bit fast.  By the time we made a U-turn at Coral Way, everyone in the lead pack just went wild.  The bunch ran as fast as they can to their heart's content, hitting sub-4 mins/km  There goes the "fun" run

The run ended up short, instead of running 5 kilometers, we came in to a close 4.3 kilometers.  It was still all good even without any kilometer markers, water stations and a timing chip.  Everyone had a great time and we all got treats from Gatorade, Bodivance, Anlene, and Nature Valley.  On top of that, everyone received a 10% discount on any VFF footwear

We also got a sneak peek of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection which will become locally available around late March/early April.

Here are the runners who finished the 3km and 5km run first, both got a shirt from Nature Valley and Vibram

The 5th installment of the VFF fun run brought as many minimalist and barefoot runners as possible as there were at least 75 participants who showed up.  This number was almost double compared to the last event (4th VFF run) conducted

Special thanks to Ronald Declarador, Carlos Abad and Cherry Ermita for putting up such a wonderful event for the barefoot running community.  Many thanks also to Dave and Dindo of Barefoot Running Philippines

Look forward for the 6th Vibram FiveFingers Fun Run soon (very soon) and hopefully an interactive talk/discussion among barefoot runners.  And I am crossing my fingers, and wishing really hard, that we will have a baggage area this time

(images courtesy of Barefoot Running Philippines)

barefoot/minimalist runners in action --


five finger vibrams said...

i like five finger vibrams better ,i think that five finger vibrams makes the toe boxes on their feet nice and wide,and you will see your calves and bare feet in the process of your running which is the best way to train your muscles of feet and legs.
Let's go to to have a pair to have a try. i trust that you will agree with me.

Daves said...

can't wait for the spring/summer collection to come out

justaddh2o said...

i just stumbled upon this blog and i wanted to let you guys much i enjoyed reading about the fun run and minimalist barefoot runners. I would say Filipinos not only would excel in running barefoot but our basketball culture are also well known for wearing 'tsinellas' which is also a form of minimalist. keep up the great work and this may just be my push on investing in Vibrams to CrossFit in.

Daves said...

thanks for dropping by! :)

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