Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RunRio Race Calendar 2011

I was privileged to witness the first-ever RunRio Trilogy Awards Night last Tuesday.  One of the program of the said event was the race calendar of RunRio for the year.  There's a total of 24 organized events for us to participate.  Where 3 of them are yet to be revealed

It was a nice surprise to see that RunRio team will be handling this year's Adidas KOTR.  With that in mind, I guess I'd be signing up again for this year's edition.  Though I hope they would extend the distance category  up to 21 kilometers.  It wouldn't be the King of the Road if you're only serving 5km and 10km distances

Now aware of whats coming, better start saving up for the registration fees.  Though I am keeping my fingers crossed that these events will all be wallet-friendly

Schedule Event Name Venue Categories Runners
Mar 6 Unilab Run United I 2011  Bonifacio Global City 3/5/10/15/21k 10,000
Mar 19 Women’s Health Athena Run Bonifacio Global City 3/5/10k 3,000
Mar 27 Globe Run For Home Bonifacio Global City 3/5/10/15/21k
Apr 3 AACE The Good Run Bonifacio Global City 3/5/10k 5,000
May 1 PCPF Running with Doctors Mall of Asia 3/5/10k 5,000
May 7 Run to Build Tiendesitas 3/5/10k 4,000
May 15 Goldilocks Run Bonifacio Global City 500m/5/10/21k 2,500
May 29 Greenfield City Clean Air Run Sta Rosa Laguna 500m/5/10/21k 5,000
Jul 24 Rexona Run 2011 Bonifacio Global City 5/10/21k 12,000
Jul 3 Yamaha Run Bonifacio Global City 5/10/15/21k 7,000
Jul 10 Confidential Bonifacio Global City

Aug 7 NBA Fit Run 2011 Bonifacio Global City 3/5/10k 3,000
Aug 14 Runrio Series – Davao Davao 5/10/15k 3,000
Aug 21 Runrio Trilogy Leg 2 2011 Bonifacio Global City 5/10/15/21k 10,000
Sept 25 Camsur International Marathon Camsur 5/10/21/42k 10,000
Oct 2 Runrio Series – Iloilo Iloilo 5/10/15k 3,000
Oct 9 Runrio Series – Bacolod Bacolod 5/10/15k 3,000
Oct 15 or 16 Confidential Bonifacio Global City

Oct 23 Adidas KOTR 2011 Bonifacio Global City 5/16/21k 10,000
Nov 6 Confidential Bonifacio Global City

Nov 12 – 13 Runrio Trilogy Leg 3 2011 Bonifacio Global City 5/10/15/21/32k 15,000
Nov 20 Run for Pasig 2011 Mall of Asia 3/5/10/15/21/42k
Dec 4 Runrio Series – Baguio Baguio 5/10/15k 5,000
Dec 18 Runrio Series – Cebu Cebu 5/10/15k 5,000



Oops there goes goodbye for the 21K adidas KOTR :(

Daves said...

i hope that they'd still add a few more categories for the KOTR :)

Unknown said...

Just when I was planning to do my first Half Mary at KOTRas a tribute for all the support they gave me... Oh well, I guess It's gonna be Leg 3 for my first pikermi...

Daves said...

amanda, we can still cross our fingers and hope for the best ;)

Daves said...

KOTR will now have 5k, 16.8k, and 21k categories. Yey!

Charlie's Angel said...

how can i register for RunRio Series - Baguio? it will be my first :)

Daves said...

@Charlie's Angel, ill post it here as soon as the information becomes available. thanks for dropping by

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