Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Milo - APEX Running School

MILO + A.P.E.X. + the Country’s Top Runners and Coaches = A Revolutionary Approach In The Science of Running!

We’ll help you become better, faster and smarter runners.  We’ll provide an educational and inspirational experience for all runners of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.

From first time runners to experienced racers who want to improve their PR — All runners will finish the program with better running knowledge, new friends, and an enhanced love for the sport.

At the MILO-APEX Running School, our goal is to stimulate a love for running by showing runners how to run properly and injury free. By using the latest and most advance scientific techniques and principles

Training Schedule
The Schedules are still the same for BGC, T-Th 6PM-8PM; Saturdays 5AM. For those in the northside, Quezon City leg is open too, to be held at Quezon City Circle. That's every M-W 6PM-8PM; Saturdays 5am

Start of training will be on the 1st week of May
May 2 --QC launching
May 3 -- BGC launching

Registration Details
Registration started yesterday (April 25) at RUNNR Bonifacio High Street, BGC --for the BGC leg
Registration for Quezon Memorial Circle starts today, April 26 3PM at Runnex Shed inside Quezon City Memorial Circle ---for the Quezon City leg.  Registration is until the end of the week or until slots has been taken.  Heard from the grapevine that they will take in only 200 students

MWF 3-8pm at RUNNR BGC
T-TH at RUNNR Trinoma 3-8pm
Sat at both venues 9am-4pm

Registration Fee
Minimal Fee of PHP1800 for 36 sessions, that's just PHP50/session and you get to be trained by the topnotch coaches and scientific module designed for runners (you need to pay the whole amount when you register to secure your slot)

5km, 10km (Beginners and Advance), 21km (Beginners and Advance), 42km
Basic guideline is if you haven't ran the desired distance then you may signup for the "Beginners" category.  Otherwise, you may opt with the "Advance" if you are already seeking for a better PR (personal record)

What Can We Expect?
1. Step-by-Step Coaching, Guidance and Motivation
2. Scientific Principles to Improve Your Running Performance
3. Effective Running Drills to Develop Your Running Techniques
4. Strength Training Exercises to Improve Your Core, Leg and Overall Body Strength
5. Trainings to help you to Finish Your Best

Free Milo Running Singlets, Water, Training Manual & more!
It will implement a 1:20 coaches to student ratio
Plus weekly speakers & lectures on the science behind running

The $6,000,000 question - Did I sign up?
YES!  I did. I hooked myself up for the 21km Advance.  I intend to use this as a springboard to prepare me for my full marathon training

And, if you are wondering
A.P.E.X. means Athletic Performance Enhancement Training


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