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Race Review: Baguio 21K Run 2011

Here's another Race Review - Baguio 21K Run 2011

Good Points
- Personalized Bib (90% of the runners got their bibs personalized)
- Singlet (nice material was used)
- Bonnet (it was a surprise to have it included in the race kit)
- Timing Chip (used ItemHound's RFID strip for a more accurate race time)
- Gun Start (the 21k runners were released on time from the assembly area)
- Registration Fee (cheap compared to Metro Manila)
- Medal (half-mary runners got a nice square medal)
- Hydration Station (there were at least 4-5 water stations along the route)
- Water Cup (used paper cups instead of plastic; thumbs up from Mother Earth)
- Route (very, very challenging; combination of uphill/downhill throughout)
- Prize (a round trip for 2 to Bangkok was raffled off)

Areas for Improvement
- Safety Pins (only 2 were provided instead of the usual 4)
- Portalets (we had to pay P5 to use the restroom inside Burnham Park)
- Hydration Station (the station in the 10k U-Turn did not have water for the lead pack)
- Kilometer Marker (no distance marker every kilometer)
- Distance (inaccurate distance for both 10km and 21km; it registered 11.12kms and 20.4kms)
- Marshals (no/few marshals beyond the 5k U-Turn)
- Native Rice Cake (i was not aware that it was for the runners; i thought it was for sale)
- Paper Cups (please use smaller cups instead; i find it a waste to use the large ones)
- Hydration Station (no sports drink was provided)
- Banana Station (i guess the rice cakes was there to replace it)
- Race Results (even a partial/unofficial race results is not available as of posting)
- Split Timing Mat (none at the 21k U-Turn but there's one at the 10k U-Turn)
- Ambulance/Medical Assistance (i only saw the medical staff at the start/finish line)
My biggest concern -- I was running at my own risk
- Safety Pylons (no safety cones along the whole stretch of the race route)
- Road Closure (road was not closed/partially closed for the runners)

No Comment
-Photo (saw a handful taking shots along the route but not sure if they were part of the event)
- Body Fat Analysis (wasn't able to drop by and avail of the free analysis)
- Baggage Station (did not brought any stuff to be checked in)
- Post-Race Program (we did not stay long to witness the post-race activities)

My Thoughts
Road Condition.  It is not good/suitable for barefoot/minimalist runners as there were areas where it was rough and I had to slow down and adjust my stride along the race route
Downhill Sections.  I couldn't capitalize it to my advantage as I need to maintain a forefoot strike.  I had to deliberately slow down on these parts and make baby steps so it wouldn't hurt my knees in the process
Race Location.  Proved to be very challenging as it made breathing difficult and it was too cold that I had a hard time raising my heart rate (to Zone 5) to achieve my optimal race pace
Safety of the Runners.  While on the route, I kept on asking myself what is the difference between joining this race versus having an LSD?  Besides the water station, there's NONE!  Harsh but true.  The participants had to literally look out for themselves and for one another while running.  No marshals were seen especially on the blind spots where it was dangerous

The 6 million dollar question is, will I run again next year?  If the safety aspect will be looked into seriously, you bet I will

Race Results
Get your race results here

Race Photos
will be posted here as soon as it becomes available


Unknown said...

Hi Daves! I saw you there in-person while running haha. You were going downward and I was still going upward. Glad the be able to run after your footsteps, haha.

Everything's true in you review. Safety was of real concern on me. I always look at the back when I'm turning left or right in the road. There was a time that I was in the center of a road between a Bus and a Jeepney on both side. I really need to be cautious.

Daves said...

hi, rejie

hope you still had fun despite what we experienced yesterday.

safety is always a major consideration for all runners. and should not be compromised.

see you again on your future runs! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Daves,

Thanks for the race review. I agree on your good points and areas for improvement.

P.S. Thanks for being humble and approachable despite your fans around you. Buti may time ka for authograph!

your biggest fan,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Daves

I totally agree with the points you mentioned above and thanks for posting this on our behalf.

Btw I was not able to thank you yesterday. I was really surpised how humble you are. Kahit na sikat ka na, kahit madami nagpapapicture sayo pinansin at pinagbigyan mo pa din kami. You inspire us! Thank you!!! Keep it up, God Bless and hope to see you soon in the road :)


Zalds said...

Hi Daves,

Nice race review especially for somebody like me na hindi sumali, hehehe.

I also did not join the Kapuso Run coz of the high reg fee and a tip from a friend that GMA is NOT that well organize pagdating sa fun runs. I attended a volunteers meeting for Run for Japan instead.

Anyways, with regard this "Downhill Sections. I couldn't capitalize it to my advantage as I need to maintain a forefoot strike." So far sa experience ko, the best technique sa downhill is forward lean. Dont fight the gravity, let the gravity carry you. Ang danger lang dito ay kung may biglang haharang sa dadaanan mo (a person or a pothole) bcoz mahirap magstop bcoz of your speed in going downhill ;)


Daves said...

hi zalds,

will try it out. i am also trying to recall the lessons that i learned from michael sandler.

i really had to work harder so i don't have to slow down on a downhill. thanks for the input! :)

Daves said...

ffs, it was a pleasure running with the rest of team alpha 1. at ako ung binigyan mo ng autograph, hahahah! :)

Daves said...

master eugene, i hope that in the near future i'd be able to run as fast and be able to kick the pavement side by side with you :)

Philip Aquino Pacle said...

Hi. Just want to thank everyone for supporting this race and being part of this pioneering activity.

Appreciate all your comments. Baguio21K received lots of praises and greetings which is really very heart warming just right after the run and up to this date. All the points in this race review of Daves is seriously taken into account and well noted.

Thank you sir Daves and hope to see you again and everyone in our next run. God bless. Philip Aquino Pacle

Zalds said...

Welcome Daves ;)

Anonymous said...

i especially loved the weather, but true, this race has a long list to improve on. due to the lack of marshalls, i saw quite a number of runners cutting the route short... tsk tsk.. too bad. twas polluted in some areas of the route, and extremely dangerous, because of the vehicles speeding downhill... had to pray hard as well while running. lol. no signages whatsoever in the entire route, i was having morbid thoughts of ending up in the jungle if i don't keep up with the other 10k runners. lol. what's worst is that, this was my first 10k ever, and race day was my 30th bday --- ironically, my bib number and name did not appear from the race results... arrrrgghhhhh..

Daves said...

belated happy birthday! i agree with everything that you said. i know that Philip and the rest of his team will work on those shortcomings and bring us a race that is a whole lot better next year. by the way, have you contacted Philip with regards to your race results?

Anonymous said...

hi there! do you have a medal picture of last year's event?!

Daves said...

hi anon, check out last year's medal here -

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