Saturday, April 2, 2011

Race Review: Hyundai Run For A Cause 2011

Here's my short Race Review --

Good Points
- Pre-race (energetic hosting done by Boom and Regine as well as the warmup exercises)
- Wave start system (different gun starts to accommodate the number of runners)
- Route (the smooth road of Roxas Blvd was friendly to barefoot/minimalist runners)
- Portalets (near the starting line, near the finish line, along the route)
- Photographers (tons of 'em along the route)
- Hydration (lots of marshals handing out bottles of water)
- Human pylons (personnel served as safety pylons for the runners)
- RFID timing strip (see below on where you can see your race results)

Areas for Improvement
- Late gun start (wave B of 10k runners were released around 5:27AM instead of 5:10AM)
- Narrow timing mat (runners had to squeeze on a narrow path because the mat is short)
- Parking (this was a little bit tricky as you had to be resourceful to find one)

No Comment
- Medical (saw at least 2 ambulances along the route but not sure if there's more)
- Baggage counter (wasn't able to check if there was a long queue)
- Post-race (didn't stay long enough to witness the post-race activities)

Race Result: The race results isn't officially out yet.  But if you are eager to see, type in in your favorite web browser and replace the XXXXX with your RFID number (not your BIB number).  Thanks to Bave Dela Cruz (Team KTT) for sharing this tip

Race Photos: They have finally uploaded the pictures here

(image courtesy of Hyundai Fun Run)


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