Sunday, April 17, 2011

Race Review: Run With The Masters 2011

UPDATE (04.19.2011)
Download the 21k race results here
Download the 10k race results here
Download the 3k race results here

Another Race Review ...

Good Points
- Singlet (the material used was great, I love the design, the singlet was well made)
- Finisher's Medal (21k and 10k finisher's received a medal and a certificate)
- Route (simple and straightforward; mostly flat terrain; friendly to barefoot/minimalist runners)
- Hydration (used Summit drinking water to hydrate the runners)
- Registration Fee (cheap 21k registration fee @ PHP450)
- Shower (a nice refreshing shower near the finish line)

Areas for Improvement
- Distance (21k route is short, registered 20.10kms in Garmin)
- Gun Start (appointed 21k gun start is late, should've been 5AM instead of 530AM)
- Marshal (very very very few marshals)
- Hydration (no sports drink was available; water served was not cold)
- Baggage Counter (very small baggage station; stuff overflowed; it should've been near the finish line)
- Portalet (there were only 2 portalets near the starting line)
- Timing Tag (timing tag was not used; there might be discrepancy in finish time)
- Sponsors (wished the freebies were placed on a loot bag)
- Kilometer Markers (there was none; would've been better if there was)
- Photos (did not saw anyone taking photos except from a fellow runner near the finish line)
- Safety Cones (none was allocated along Imelda Ave/Ninoy Aquino Ave; we were running side by side with vehicles)

Couldn't Comment
-Medical Assistance (did not saw/notice any medical staff along the route; though saw an ambulance but wasn't sure if that was for the event)

This was one of those races that I couldn't simply let go.  This was because I had a dismal performance.  Finished my chosen category, 21km, in under 2 hours and 5 minutes.  I was really hoping that I would be able to cross the finish line earlier and set a new PR (personal record)

What caused the poor performance?  Acquired a really bad case of blister.  Was trying the neglect it during the first half of my run but my situation got worse on my way back.  I was forced to slow down to be able to cope up with the pain.  A few kilometers more and it became unbearable.

I had two options.  One is to stop running and forget about finishing the race; another is to run through the pain.  I chose the latter.  What made the run more difficult was seeing so many runners pass you by.  I had a flashback of what happened to me during the Rexona Run last year.  With that, it made the ordeal more frustrating

When the pain kicks up a notch, I would stop and walk to ease the pain.  Only one thing kept me alive back there ... "Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever".  Though I do not suggest to everyone what I just did.  One should know when to quit.  Always listen to your body.  I was just being stubborn and badly wants to finish the race no matter what.  Besides I didn't have money on me to take a ride back to the finish line

I will be looking forward for another fun run next year

BIG Thanks to Jr and Iris (Team HOB) for the refreshing cheers and finish line photos!


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