Monday, May 16, 2011

Barefoot Ride - Nike Free Run+ 2

Among the Nike FREE Collection, I personally like Nike Free 3.0 because the sole is very very flexible which allows natural foot movement and the upper is so light and breathable.  The only thing that disappoints is the heel and toe height difference (7mm) which  encourages you to heel strike when you run. Which is not-so barefoot

We were at the Nike (BHS) store the other day checking out a running tee that I will use for my runs.  But was a bit discouraged when I saw that the shirt will set me back PHP1600+ ($37).  Then at the corner of my eye I glimpsed the new Nike Free Run+ 2.  What made it more interesting is its tagline - "Barefoot Ride"

Comparing the two, both shoes still has that problematic heel and toe drop difference.  Also, Nike Free 3 is lighter at 7.1oz (size 9) compared to Run+ 2's 9.3oz.  But you'd instantly forget that once you've learned that this offering has been given the Nike ID treatment which means you can customize a pair to suit your personality.  You can choose the color of your shoe and even choose two shoe lace colors.  You can see here which ones you can change
Not only you can change the color of the sole. You can also choose the midsole style/type. You can have either the default sole or get the one from Nike Free 3

If I'd get one, this is how its going to look like (with Nike Free 3 sole)

(thanks to Amanda for lending her camera)


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