Monday, May 2, 2011

Bonked Out!

I've been missing my much needed training for a couple of weeks already. If not for the weekends races, I'd probably end up not having any mileage at all. Two Sundays ago, I attempted to have an LSD but boredom grew on me and ending up completing only half of my intended distance

Good thing, FFS organized an LSD run for Team Alpha.  With the team around, I might be able to have a proper endurance training.  We agreed to cover 22kms with an average pace of 5'30"~5'40" and with 3 possible pitstops for water break.  There were 5 (FFS, Martian, Eugenator, Sprinting Swine, Me!) of us who showed up at ROX

My first 15kms felt strong and I was able to keep up with the guys.  The remaining distance was a struggle especially when we hit McKinley Hills the 2nd time.  My running form was already sluggish, both of my feet are sore, and I was breathing heavily

In the spirit of camaraderie, Martian ran with me for the remaining 2kms of the route to keep me focused and motivated. But on the last 500 meters, both my mind and body gave up and couldn't keep up with the pace.  Still, I successfully managed to cover the whole 22 kilometers in 2 hours and 10 minutes

We will have another LSD next Sunday and hopefully we'll be able to start earlier (430AM perhaps).  The scorching heat and glare becomes unbearable by 630

A quick search will tell you that LSD is "a synthetic crystalline compound, lysergic acid diethylamide, that is a potent hallucinogenic drug"

However in the running/jogging community, LSD means Long Slow Distance. LSD "is a form of aerobic endurance training in running; the objectives of these runs are to build blood volume and to increase muscle strength, endurance, and aerobic fitness"


Zalds said...


LSD - long SLOW distance.

An average pace of 5'30"~5'40" is NOT SLOW for us average runners, hehehe..

recover well ;)

Daves said...

hahahah! you got me there zalds. you are right. this is not a good example of a long and slow distance run :)

Anonymous said...

Long tempo?

all i can say is "whew"

next sunday ule!

Unknown said...

This is the same map as mine, but with kalayaan avenue as the starting line and next i will explore burgos ave.

your pace is crazy! super lakas nyo talaga! i hope to see you all sprinting on a Sunday LSD. Please dont make me eat your dusts okay? lol!

Sweet Running! ^_^

Daves said...

see you on sunday idol amanda! ^__^

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