Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Greenfield City Fun Run 2011 - Traffic Advisory

DNS means Did Not Start.  Failure to show up at the starting line.  That is exactly what happened to me and to my buddy with last year's Greenfield City Sunset Run.  We were at the Sta Rosa exit at least an hour before the gun start of the 21k runners.  But the traffic was already awful, more like a nightmare.  We were tempted so many times to just leave the car to where we were and just scram to the starting line.  We were barely moving and to make things worse my aircon wasn't cooperating.  Talk about being lucky on that day. 

Going thru the traffic wasn't the end of it.  By the time we got inside Paseo Center it took us another 15 minutes to find a space to park.  I knew we were already late, even for the 500m kid's dash gun start, but I still insisted on going to the starting line and try my luck.  But alas, the timing mat was removed already.  Driving for more than 2 hours and enduring the hellish traffic was all for nothing

I simply wanted to run that day but it became a privilege that was stripped off from me.  I showed up at the starting line but it wasn't there anymore.  Frustrated.  I just walked away

What's my recommendation?  Whether you are coming from Alabang or Calamba, better take Eton City exit as it gives you direct access to a bigger parking lot near the hospital and it'll be a lot easier to get out once you are done with your race. I also expect that the traffic should be lighter since the event will now be done in the morning where there should be less vehicle at that time

To be on the safe side, if you are coming from Metro Manila, better take the FREE shuttle ride (from Mandaluyong). Simply advise the registration center that you will be availing it so that they'll give you the bus ticket

Here's the traffic advisory issued by RunRio/Greenfield City for your reference

By the way, the on-site registration has been extended to May 26. See here to view the race details


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