Saturday, May 7, 2011

Merrell Barefoot Education Series

A couple of weeks ago, Merrell Philippines launched the Barefoot Collection.  During their media launch, I noticed that they were playing a video about the Barefoot Collection and Jason Robillard as a backdrop.  Learned that it was part of Merrell's Barefoot Education Series.  I yanked this one from YouTube

The video contains a lot of information and answers some questions about barefoot running
Here's a quick summary of the video below:
1 What is barefoot running
2 Why Barefoot
3 Why is barefoot running gaining popularity
4 Jason Robillard talks about barefoot running
5 The Merrell Barefoot Collection
6 The Barefoot Collection (Mens and Womens)
7 Ten Merrell Barefoot Tips

Also included the 2nd (Bareform Running Technique), 3rd (Performance), and 4th videos (Multi-Sport)


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