Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 Expo - CANCELLED

Just seen the announcement from Mizuno. The expo scheduled for tomorrow has been moved to June 2 and 3 (Thursday and Friday).  Here's the official statement --
After much build up in line with the release of the limited edition Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 singlets. It is with much regret that Master Sports Corporation - Mizuno has decided not to push through with the Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 Expo scheduled on May 29, 2011. As much as we would have loved to distribute the much-awaited singlets to our runners this Sunday. The incoming typhoon Chedeng has caused technical glitches in the system of Customs, thus causing delay with the release of the said singlets

The singlets hopefully will be released by Thursday and Friday of next week. We look forward to your positive response and we still hope to see you next week during the release of the singlets
I am just wondering why they have to move the Expo as well. I mean, they can have their branches handle the distribution of the singlets. Also, why schedule it on a weekday?


Anonymous said...

preview ba ito ng unpreparedness ng mizuno?

Daves said...

i hope not. mr rudy biscocho is the one directing the race

farm runner said...

Uh oh..Did you say it's a Rudy Biscocho directed race? Better bring your hydration bottle and don't expect much in terms of give aways. Just manage your expectations.

Daves said...

i am optimistic that mr biscocho will be able to provide a very organized (and hydrated) run for everyone. hope to see you there farm runner :)

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