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Unilab Run United 2 2011 will now serve as Leg 2 of the RunRio Trilogy 2011. And instead of waiting for another fun-filled, family-oriented and expectation-shattering run by the end of the year, we are going to have it by August 21, 2011.

How about RunRio Trilogy Leg 3 2011?  Looking at RunRio's race calendar, Unilab will remain as its partner and will stage Run United 3 and still on its previously announced schedule - Nov 12 and 13
(side note: I noticed that we will no longer have the NBA Fit Run 2011)

On top of that, RunRio will be introducing the first ever re-usable timing chip here in the Philippines.  Coach Rio and his team is really working hard on bringing in new stuff and elevating the local running scene to a new height

All registered race participants in RunRio Trilogy 2 Run United 2 will be getting this reusable timing chip as part of the race kit. And here are more reasons to register for this August 21 event – -
1.  Reusable timing chip holders will be prioritized for the Run United 3 with an exclusive 2-week registration period.   Non-holders will only be able to register for Run United 3 beginning on the third week
2.  No need to purchase the reusable timing chip which will be the official timing device to be used at the Runrio Trilogy Leg 3 – Run United 3 race and soon, for future Runrio, Inc. races. (non-holders will have to purchase the chip upon registration)

The new timing tag will utilize IPICO's patented Dual Frequency technology (IP-X™ RFID Air-interface Protocol). The patented Dual Frequency technology virtually eliminates signal loss and tag read collision and works especially well for objects high in liquid, carbon and electronic content, such as the human body

Moving Tags - 10 tags @ 8m/sec; 35 tags @ 2 m/sec
Multi-Read rate - 20 tags in beam: 90 tags/sec; 100 tags in beam, 55 tags/sec
Protocol Saturation - Time to read 20 tags = 0.2 sec; time to read 100 tags = 1.8 sec

Let me stop here before I make your nose bleed, and believe me when I say that I almost fainted just by reading the technobabble above.  So here's my take on the reason why RunRio is upgrading its timing tag, it is to ensure that everyone, at least almost everyone, will be able to get their time recorded

If you've noticed there has been quite a number of runners who has been claiming that their time isn't included in the race results or a split time is missing.  I believe the current technology has already maxed out its capability and could no longer provide the readability and accuracy that a RunRio race requires

Just pause for a minute and think about it.  How many runners do you think pass a timing mat every second?  Like I said, every technology has a limitation and its plausible that ChronoTrack's D-Tag has already hit the ceiling of what the product can offer.  The new timing system will fill in the missing piece - allow many tags that can be read in a short period of time.  So change is good, particularly this one

If you're already wondering on how to put the new sports tag on your running shoe, here's a short clip

Going back to Unilab's fun run, I remember that the registration period for Run United 1 2011 opened up at least 5 weeks prior (Jan 31) to the race day (Mar 6).  So I'd expect that we can all sign up to Run United 2 2011 starting July 18.  If history will repeat itself, it will only take (at the most) 19 days before all slots will be taken

So I strongly suggest to start saving up now and be early at the registration centers on the first day

(if you are wondering who's that ohmigewdness cute girl, she's Black Jack's sidekick - Pinoco)

*source runrio, kulitrunner


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