Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oval Running Track Reminders

Here are some friendly reminders for a safe and injury-free track session -
1 Always run counterclockwise around the track
2 Lanes 1 and 2 are reserved for the fastest runners
3 Lanes 3 through 5 are generally for moderately fast runners
4 The outermost lanes are for slow joggers, walkers or runners doing their warm-up or cool-down routines
5 Never stand on the track, especially in lanes 1 or 2
6 Always look both ways before crossing the track
7 Always be aware of nearby runners. When you finish an interval, look over your shoulder and move to the right as you stop
8 Don't use headphones. Why? See #9
9 If a faster runner comes up behind you and wants to pass, they will say, "track" or "on your left" This is your cue to move to the right
10 On special cases: When passing, faster runners should move around slower runners on the outside (in Lanes 3 or 4)
11 Don't allow your children to run freely on the track

General guideline
Whether you are a novice, a racer or a recreational walker, be aware of what's going on around you on the track. Some runners move pretty fast. The more aware you are, the safer everyone will be



Unknown said...

Now, that's "Friendly"... lol! ^_^

Daves said...

amanda, when are we going to hit the oval?

Anonymous said...

This is also the reason why i don't usually do my speedworks on tracks. baka madami tao. i usually set a 400m/800m somewhere safe and blast off. :)

Thanks Daves for the info. I might try doing speedwork on track sometime.

Bing said...

Nice one Dave.. I hope all runners who goes to the oval would read this. I'll repost ha.

Daves said...

sure! thanks bing :)


those who go to marikina sports oval should read this! only #1 is being followed up there . you could even see some holding hands while walking on the fast lane hahaha

nice post daves.

Daves said...

thanks marvin! hope this article will help a lot of our friends for a safe and injury-free run in the oval :)

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