Monday, May 23, 2011

Race Review: Greentennial Half Marathon 2011

Here's my feedback - Greentennial Half Marathon 2011

Good Points
- Registration Fee (very cheap registration fee at PHP500 for a half marathon)
- Gun Start (the 5am gun start for the 21k runners was commendable; better if earlier)
- Hosts (they did a wonderful job on keeping everyone entertained and maintaining their high energy level)
- Route (it was relatively flat all throughout the race but I still prefer Roxas Blvd as it is much smoother)
- Race Results (fast turnaround for releasing the race results)
- Hydration Station (very cold water and Pocari Sweat; there were stations where the water had ice on 'em)
- Fire Truck (a great way to beat the heat, only downside is that my shoes got soaked)
- Banana Station (it was great to see that a banana station was present at this race)
- Portalet (saw 10 porta-toilets near the assembly area; 6 serving the boys and the other 4 for the girls)
- Portalet (saw 2 of them along the Diosdado Macapagal, placed in the area of HK Sun Plaza)
- Pacers (great to see PowerPuff Boys Team rendered their time to serve as pacers for the runners)
- Medal (huge medal for the 21k runners)
- Finisher's Shirt (they gave away shirts for the first 100 male finishers and another 100 for the female per category)
- Jollibee (saw the happy bee buzzing around at the finish line area)

Areas for Improvement
- Assembly Area (they should've opted for Aseana Avenue instead of Bradco Street)
- Hydration Station (the last water station ran out of water)
- Hydration Station (there's a tendency for the supply to ran short as the personnel and table wasn't enough)
- Loop cord (there was no plastic cord given at the 2nd U-Turn located at Pacific Avenue)
- Loop cord distribution (the U-Turn in Pea Rd/MOA only had 2 persons handing out loop cords)
- Loop cord (there was only 1 color used which can make it easier for runners to cheat)
- Safety Pylon (no safety pylons on roads shared by runners and vehicles, almost got sideswiped by a jeepney at Atang Dela Rama)
- Kilometer Markers (not a single one was placed along the route)
- Medal Distribution (fellow 21k runner was given the medal allotted for 3/5/10k participants)
- Distance (the 21k route was short by around 400+ meters according to several Garmin users)
- Finish Line Area (it was a mess because the tents, refreshments and photowall was near the finish line)
- Finisher's Shirt (they ran out of small- and medium-sized tees, I settled for Large)
- Pocari Sweat (distribution at the finish line was chaotic and slow, soon after the supply ran out and the runners settled with water)

Observations/Couldn't Comment
- Singlet (i wasn't able to get my singlet from my team mate, I just hope that the material used was the same for the finisher's shirt)
- Baggage Service (there was a baggage counter near the assembly area but didn't notice if checkin was efficient)
- Medical Assistance (didn't notice if there was an ambulance onsite or a medical team)
- Face Towel (they were distributing face towel but I wasn't able to get one and try it, would've been nice if it was sponges)
- Parking (it was a bit of a challenge as you need to be very very early to get a good spot; saw many cars already parked along Diosdado Macapagal)
- Parking (i paid PHP55 which is quite hefty compared to BGC and MOA)
- Team's tarp (it was earlier announced that running teams can put up their tarps in the finish line but I didn't saw any, perhaps it was already filled up by sponsor's banners)
- Greentennial FB Page (it is unusual that their facebook page is inaccessible, as of this posting)

Today wasn't my day. I was aiming for a sub1:50 to ensure that I'd be able to take home a finisher's shirt.  I was more than 6 minutes off my target

I was able to keep up with the 1:45 pacers but upon reaching the 2nd U-Turn (Pacific Ave), side stitch hit me. This forced me to walk.  When I finally recovered, I tried to catch up with the group but the wind was working against me.  It made running difficult.  Next thing I knew, I was gasping for air which made my heart rate elevate even more

Before I realized it, Nick (1:50 pacer) already caught up with me.  At the 9th kilometer, I saw a banana and water station.  Decided to grab one to be able to recover.  Tried to catch up with Nick but I couldn't.  My heart wasn't cooperating.  I just continued to run on my own pace.  When I've reached Vicente Sotto, I had a minor case of acid reflux. Couldn't figure out why it happened

While traversing along Atang Dela Rama, a jeepney almost sideswiped me.  Why can't runners and vehicle drivers share the road?  There was no safety cones and there wasn't enough marshals to ensure the welfare of the runners and manage the traffic flow.  If this is the cost of running on such a cheap fun run then I wouldn't dare do it again

I was now back in Diosdado Macapagal when I ran out of gas.  I started to struggle.  I couldn't keep a good running form.  I was breathing poorly.  Runners are now starting to get ahead of me.  A sight I do not wish to see but couldn't do anything about it.  I grabbed another banana in the hopes that it will bring back some energy in me.  But it didn't help

As I approach Coral Way, I noticed that Mark (1:55 pacer) was already at my side.  As every second passes, the distance between Mark and I was getting bigger and bigger.  And when I couldn't see him anymore, I've entertained the thought of giving up already.  What was the point of continuing the run when you couldn't hit your personal goal? 

Endure.  Endure.  Endure.  With less than 3 kilometers to go, I just had to endure the remaining distance and the fact that I would not be able to cross the finish line with my intended time.  I was just too tired that I even wasn't able to sprint the last 100 meters.  Luckily, I still managed to snatch a finisher's shirt

Every race will still continue to teach us a thing or two.  Learn from it and use that to your advantage for your next race.  As for me, it taught me not to skip training and that it is always best to stick to my race strategy.  Most important of all, no matter what happens, always smile

Kudos to the organizers, supporters, and volunteers for putting up such event!


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to support you guys in this event. Anyways, I must say that I love the thoughts you shared and the review you did on this, especially the part where you said that no matter what happens, always smile. I always do that, even if I am crying my way to the finish line! lol! ^_^

Congratulations and Sweet Running! ^_^

Daves said...

no problem. we know that you are busy with an event in subic. hope you brought me some goodies ;)

Jayson Deuna said...

Congrats Daves for the Top 100 Finisher's Shirt! See you again soon.

Tingin ko nde maganda yung truck na nagbubuga ng tubig.. Una, aksaya sa tubig.. sa dami nilang ibinuhos, ganu karami dun yung naka-refresh sa mga runners? Pangalawa, nabasa den yung sapatos, medyas at paa ko.

Zalds said...

it is still good for you daves, im sure you already heard feedbacks regarding brooks run. It was a disaster!!!

now I know that a poorly managed race can affect one's performance, and it did affect mine.


Daves said...

congrats on your new PR! you've just made yasso proud. your dedication and commitment is very very inspiring. keep it up :)

Daves said...

heard about what happened. i hope that you and your friends managed to finish the race safe. the outcome was totally unexpected considering thumbie IS a runner and an experienced race organizer. learned that the water supply did not come on time which caused the delay of the gun start

Anonymous said...

@Daves, congrats pa din. atleast nakakuha pa din tayo finisher's shirt. although nangitim ule ako. haysk!

@Jayson, what can i say? 11th place! congrats bro! yep, same thinking. ayaw ko din ung water pump truck. pwede magkablister if nabasa socks. :p

Daves said...

@FFS, kaya siguro binilisan ni Jayson kase ayaw nya mangitim :P

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