Saturday, May 28, 2011

ZEM Gear: Performance Protection for Bare Feet

If you think that Somnio NADA, Vibram FiveFingers, Vivobarefoot Ultra, Merrell Barefoot, New Balance Minimus, and Saucony Hattori soles are still too thick and doesn't give you the ground feedback that you need.  How about you go and grab a pair of ZEM Gear.  They call it minimalist shoes but I'd say these are actually socks and there's no denying that.  Just take a good look at 'em and you decide what you wanna call it

The good thing about it is that a pair only costs $35 and the best part is, they are coming up with cool products (H2O, O2, and 360) by the end of the quarter (Q2/2011)

ZEM H20 (Water Sport Series). Merges ZEMgear’s advanced Barefoot Technology with a protective toe cap and heel counter for boating, sailing, river walking, kayaking and much more. Non-skid & non-marking rubber outsole pods comply with boaters’ needs while keeping the natural barefoot sensation intact. ZEMs 6 unique tech bands afford secure footing and lateral stability within the flexible and drainable 4-way stretch upper (SRP: USD $49.90)

ZEM O2 (All Sport Series). Robust abrasion resistance and non-marking, ”green grip” recycled rubber outsole for energetic runs, sand and water sports or gym workouts. Natural barefoot feel and foot freedom with round toe pattern. Flexible, form fitting 4-way stretch upper concept holds multiple widths and foot shapes. Six unique tech bands deliver secure footing and lateral stability. Avg. weight: 2.5 oz (SRP: USD $49.90)

ZEM 360 (Runners Series). The 360 is the feather light star of ZEMs barefoot collection. The design weighs in at 2.5 oz and is equipped with a pliable but abrasion robust phylon outsole ideal for runners. Integrated gecko grip rubber pods add traction & secure footing. An updated tech band design contributes increased lateral hold and stability. The split toe pattern and the high “mold-ability” of all materials maximize barefoot agility for many activities (SRP: USD $59.90)

Foot Sizing Chart. Get it here

About ZEM Technology
ZEMs combine several distinctive design features. The unique construction and ZEMgear’s technical innovations allow for complete foot agility and the freedom to use your feet they way they were intended by nature. The lateral support ZEMs high frequency bands afford each wearer is unsurpassed. ZEMgear's 4-way stretch lycra uppers are form fitting and accommodate a large variety of foot shapes while safely hugging and protecting your feet


Anonymous said...

just got my pair earlier.. :) -prinz

Daves said...

sweet! which one did ya get prinz?

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where do you might purchase these in Singapore? Or do you have any online store in South East Asia to recommend?

Daves said...

hi anon, as i know Zem isn't available in Singapore. though someone sez seeing one in ripcurl paragon. safe bet is to get one thru amazon. haven't seen anyone posting it in ebay

Daves said...

i just remembered, saw someone during singapore marathon last year on it. wasn't able to ask where he got it

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guess I'll stick to my Vibrams for now, wanted to try the Zems but seems like too much of a hassle

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