Saturday, June 11, 2011

Race Review: Mizuno Infinity Run 2011

Here's my experience - Mizuno Infinity Run 2011

Good Points
- Singlet (nice singlet that came with the race kit)
- Timing (used bibtag instead of the usual shoe tag; less worry for the participant)- Assembly Area (there were pens assigned per distance; i think this is genius)
- Portalet (there were 10 portable toilets near the assembly area)
- Gun Start (5am gun start for the 21km runners)
- Clock car (felt it was an international event seeing a clock car on a local race)
- Distance (the half marathon category was accurate)
- Hydration (ice-cold water and gatorade was being served)
- Cups (the Powerade stations used paper cups; +1 for being environment friendly)
- Sponge (sponges was dipped on ice-cold water)
- Banana (a banana station was placed at the 6km mark)
- Kilometer markers (they've placed one every kilometer)
- Loop cord (was distributed at the 1st U-Turn located in Buendia Ave)
- Timing mat (used  to record your split at the 2nd U-Turn along Bayani Rd)
- Route (pretty straightforward and challenging as you have to tackle both Buendia flyover and the hilly Bayani Road)
- Safety Cones (there were aplenty at 26th St and Lawton Ave)
- Ambulance (there were at least 5 ambulance parked at the starting/finish line area)
- Fire Trucks (two were providing a nice shower; one was stationed in Bayani Rd and another at the finish line)
- Finisher's Shirt Booth (different booths were assigned per shirt size)
- Finisher's Shirt (the material used was different compared to last year but still great)
- Sports Drink (they gave away a bottle at the activity area)

Areas for Improvement
- Registration Form (BHS and Megamall branch doesn't have registration forms with them)
- Registration (Mizuno decided to pull out the race kits from their stores rather early which forced me to register at their Magallanes office)
- Gun Start (the host was still providing instructions and there was still a minute left before the gun start then the pistol was prematurely fired that prompted the race to start)
- Route (the released map was not followed during the race)
- Safety Cones (there was none at Rizal Drive where the road was shared with vehicles)
- Activity Area (a bit of disarray as the claiming of the shirt was the farthest and had to weave thru other runners)
- Finisher's Shirt Booth (would've been nicer if it was separated by distance)
- Race Result (no official race result has made available as of this posting)
- Finisher's Medal (only a limited number was initially available and another 200 was distributed by 9:30AM; the rest of the 21k runners had to wait, me included, to be delivered)
- Mizuno booth (no tent was set up for the Mizuno team to inquire about the finisher's medal)

Couldn't Comment/Observations
- Mizuno Expo (original schedule got cancelled because of Customs)
- Singlet Dimension (the armpit area was too wide perhaps the womens singlet is better)
- Registration Fee (the 21k fee was pegged at PHP800 where in RunRio it is PHP50 less)
- Medical Assistance (did not notice if there was a roving ambulance nor a medic team assigned along the route)
- Lawton Ave (the 21k runners shared the road with another fun run being held in McKinley)
- Race Photo (895 pics were released by their volunteer photographer)
- Photo Booth/Wall (didn't notice if there was a photo booth in the activity area)
- Baggage Service (did not have the opportunity to check in my belongings)
- Prestige Card (how will I claim mine?)

Announcement from Mizuno Philippines
For those 21K finishers who were 1) went home right after their race and 2) were not able to receive/ the additional batch of medals that same day, we will be sending the medals to the address you've listed in your reg forms TOGETHER with your personalized MIZUNO PRESTIGE CARDS. Thank you!


Bing said...

Found your photo during the run

Daves said...

thanks bing! :)

Anonymous said...

Daves! great to have finally met you last Saturday during Mizuno Run...hope you can also meet the rest of our small group...

take care! hows your 21K medal? got it na?


Daves said...

ms_mars, nice to meet you and bing as well! hope to see the rest on the next race. salamat sa pics :)

mizuno said they will be sending the medals thru a courier *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

my BIB isn't listed in the result...bad mizuno! bad!

Daves said...

you may want to send an email to timmy (

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