Monday, June 6, 2011

What's Going On

It all started with a poor performance at Greentennial Half Marathon, I settled with a 1:56:41 at the 21k category. Yesterday's run (AKTV Run) was no better. In fact, my time got worse. I crossed the finish line at (unofficial) 2:01:38, not even a sub-2!  Even with the thought that I am attending the APEX classes every Tuesday and Thursday.  It seems that I am getting slower race after race.  I noticed that I am now having difficulty maintaining my heart rate to Zone 5 (91-98% of my max heart rate) throughout the race

I need to bounce back real soon.  With Mizuno Infinity Run coming up this weekend, I am starting to doubt if I'll be able to beat my pace (5'41/km) that I've set last year.  Theoretically, it should be doable.  I just have to watch out for my splits every kilometer and make sure that my walk breaks wouldn't mess my time.  I am crossing my fingers that the familiar race route (Bonifacio High Street) will be able to help me (both physically and mentally) hit my goal

But the one that gives me the chills is the 10k buddy race scheduled 6 weeks from now.  Jun (aka Bandit) and I intend to smash our current PR by slashing off as much as 2 minutes, this translates to being 10 seconds faster in every kilometer.  It may not sound much but this meant that I should be able to cover a kilometer every 4 minutes and 15 seconds.  Problem is that my best lap yesterday was only 4 minutes and 27 seconds

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Unknown said...

Have you changed anything in your training, diet or routine lately? It seems that your very bothered about the decline of performance. I just hope you're still fine... Feel better!

Zalds said...

appear tayo dyan dave.. I still cant get over my poor performance last sunday sa AKTV run.. Nasa 2:34 ang time ko sa 21K whereas my PR is at 2:19 ;(

What's worse.. I'm pacing a newbie in 21K and we are targeting a 2:15 (mabilis kc sya). At KM 18, I have to tell her to go ahead in order to have a good PR (she clocked at 2:30).

So frustrating, considering that I assisted in the training of advance runners sa ANR Ayala Tri. Not a good example/model.. Im not sure if its the route but I think I have to back to per km galloway strategy in order to be on track of my PR again.

Hopefully my performance in the forthcoming Manila International Marathon will not be also frustrating.

run unlimited said...

Hi Dave, I guess you started fast and faded at the last kilometers. Start slowly and accelerate eventually, and those hair; there's a big factor, hahaha. Good to run with you, see you again.

Vener - run unltd.

p.s. Is it alright if I add you to my blog?

Daves said...

@amanda, ill try to put in more sleep hours. im not getting enough lately. i hope that's the missing piece

@zalds, sana makabawi na ulit ako this sunday. good luck sa MIM. i know you can hit the 5hr cutoff :)

@boss vener, i guess its the hair hahaha! please add me to your blog roll. hope u didn't mind adding you on my site. thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

hi there Daves,
Ms_Mars here remember? and youve got an awesome website here. our small grp of runner friends from met up last Saturday weekend. we discussed future projects of the proposed community run grp under the website.

several of us are running 5K and 10K this Sat for Mizuno Infinity and hope to finally meet up with you...
good luck with your run!

Daves said...

hi Ms_Mars, see you and the rest of the group on saturday! :)

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