Saturday, July 30, 2011

35th Milo Marathon Manila Elims 2011 - Parking Advisory

RunRio announced that the number of participants swelled up to 34,000+ runners for the race tomorrow. Unimaginable, if you ask me. How will all 34,000+ participants fit in Mall of Asia? We will soon find out.  I missed the Milo Run last year and just heard stories from friends and families that it will take you minutes, Yes! MINUTES!, before you can cross the starting arc. And you'd have to zigzag your way if you need to speed up and make up for lost time

Another problem posed with a huge event such as this is parking. Many, perhaps, realized already that it also eats up precious time by locating and lining up for a good parking spot. Mall of Asia, in paper, can hold a maximum of 8,000 cars. But we also need to account, not only the runners, the major stakeholders and organizers that will be present on race day. Also the vehicles of their vendors/suppliers will use up valuable parking spaces.  In addition, not all 8000 parking slots will be made available/accessible

With that, following an age-old advice would be wise.  Be early on the venue.  Or should I say be EXTRA early tomorrow so as not to miss your assigned gun start.  You'd rather miss a few minutes of sleep rather than missing your race altogether.  Better yet, leave your vehicles at home and just grab a cab.  Or if you can, just run from your home to the venue, that's even better.  You cover more mileage and Mother Earth will love you for doing so

If you are running 21k or 10k, be there on or before 4AM.  I was caught up with the partial road closure last Sunday and you don't want to experience that.  You can check out the race maps to see which roads will be affected.  Sleep early.  Wake up early.

RunRio gave a heads up on where to park (highlighted in PINK) --
- Block 12 – event area
- Block 16 carpark
- Imax parking
- Discovery parking
- Block 2
- Block 14
- South open parking facing SMX
- North Parking Building
- South Parking Building

Good luck on your respective distances! See you all! :)

source: RunRio's Digital Media Consultant Vima Mendoza


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