Monday, July 25, 2011

Journey To Forty Two

A few weeks back, I've finally decided to take on a new challenge. Have a taste of a full marathon. Yes folks, forty two kilometers. The whole shebang! Not just to cover the distance but to finish it with a very decent time. I consulted Running For Fitness and Running Times to predict my marathon race time using my performance on my last half-marathon race (Yamaha Run).  The results wasn't favorable.  Quite far from my so called "decent time"

For me to realize my dream, I gotta train extra hard in order to improve my lactate threshold.  This, in effect, will enable me to properly tap my aerobic endurance potential which will ultimately result to an improved mile splits.  Can't wait for that to happen

But my dilemma is, which program to religiously follow.  For there are so many of them.  Should I follow Furman's FIRST?  How about Yasso?  The inverted approach looks tough.  Or should I just cut my hair?  One thing's for sure, its gonna be filled with tons of excruciating speedwork, unbearable tempo, and very long weekend runs under the scorching sun

Am I really ready for this?  Just thinking of the hard work ahead already gives me the shivers.  I just have to constantly remind myself that I need to train hard so race day comes easy.  Hope I'll be able to pull this off properly.  I do not want a repeat performance of my attempt last year when I prematurely jumped to 21k.  That was a bad sight and a good example of a bad example

I realize that I have a tough journey ahead but with the support and love of my family, friends and colleagues, I know I will be able to endure

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Zalds said...

good luck daves ;)

I am 100% sure that if u join a full marathon right now, u can finish it.. but to finish it in a decent time, like a sub 4 perhaps for someone like you, hehehe) you really have to train hard. 4-6 months perhaps. CamSur and MIM is too near for you. So its either QCIM or Condura.

If your choice is Condura for your first FM, then i further suggest you register for the next batch of TBRDM :)

Daves said...

thanks zalds! will be joining on one of your lsd soon for my needed mileage :)

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