Sunday, July 17, 2011

Race Review: Pocari Sweat Fun Run 2011

For today's race review, I've asked Roland Pangilinan to provide his thoughts on the recently concluded Pocari Sweat Run 2011 held at Ortigas

Event: 2011 Pocari Sweat Run
Organizer: Pep Squad

Portalets. There were 10 portable toilets near the start/finish line. Five of which were assigned to boys and what remains for the girls
Baggage Service.  The baggage area is situated near the start/finish line as well
Race Route (10k).  Very challenging as most parts were uphill
Hydration Station.  We can't expect anything less from Pocari Sweat on this area.  "Overflowing" was the remark
Finish Line Chute.  There were separate lanes made to accommodate manual encoding of the finish time
Loot Bag.  Finisher's certificate, finisher's shirt, towel, and two bottles of cold Pocari Sweat were promptly provided.  Distribution of freebies were commendable

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Who Is Roland
A running enthusiast for almost two years and has several half-marathons under his belt.  His PR (personal record) has been getting better race after race due to his dedication to the sport and consistent training.  He is also one of the running group champions in Trend Micro Philippines


Anonymous said...

Loved this race! My first time to run the route and it was fun.

Daves said...

congrats! :)

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